3 Seizures in 3 days // Are seizures all the same?

Not all seizures are the same. I compare and contrast three of Raelynn’s tonic clonic seizures to show that her seizures can be very different from one another, …


  1. My ex husband used to deliberately flip me on my back when I was seizing 😡
    I later found out how much I was insured for 😡😡😡 but no one believed what he was doing when I tried to tell anyone – he used to mess around with my pills and tell people it was myself getting them wrong 😡😡😡 when they were set up in a dose box

  2. Yes Seizures are not the same because I have seizures it is not fun because my my school doesn’t understand my seizures because I definitely kinds of seizures I had 25 seizure at school one day and at the end of the school day I was not right the called my mom first and my mom was not happy that they didn’t call 911/ first responders

  3. Sweet girl❤️ Happy 4th! bf is finally starting to feel better! Ever since we started kepra again our daughter has been having seizures every day 😞 like 4-5 a day so I’m definitely going to talk to her doctor about it❤️

  4. Should we move the furniture if the person is having a really bad seizure because they could hurt themselves if the furniture is not moved should we move it if you could reply back to me that would be great thanks Chris

  5. Seizures seem to be as individual as each person who has them, and also each seizure itself in the same person can be so different from one to the next. You know Raelynn and every aspect of her seizures so well, the way that only a parent knows 🥰 no other care or knowledge can ever be as good as that❤️

  6. Sendin uz much love & hugz x hope uz are doin ok? I had ma 2nd jab 2day but had a panic attak & 2 grand mals aftawud so te pple ther let me lay down 4 awile till i was fully aware. Ma fear of nedles as got worse.

  7. Hi i enjoy watching ur channel ur a very caring and supportive dad n it does help other people deal n cope in the same situation guve that beautiful girl a hug for me n keep up ur amazing work xx

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