Benefits of Using Medical Marijuana and How to Get a Marijuana Card in Ohio

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  1. I wish everyone knew that medical marijuana really does help nerve pain from your back. At least, the edibles do. I never would have believed it and in fact, I DID’NT believe it. So when the nerve pain was so bad I wanted to kill myself, I finally figured I had nothing to lose and ate a tiny piece of edible chocolate. The nerve pain went away within 30 minutes and I mean ALL the way away. I still didn’t believe it though and racked it up to coincidence, until the pain came back about 4 hours later. Once again, I did the edibles and once again, it went away almost immediately. Being as hard headed as I am though, I was still thinking it just HAD to be coincidence because how could people not know about this?? Well, the third time it went away I couldn’t deny it any longer. It works. It takes the pain away. Now I’m struggling with not staying pissed off that this has been kept away from us by the government for all these years and we’ve been forced to take dangerous pharmaceuticals that may or may not work. I am sounding the alarm….edible marijuana works for back and nerve pain!

  2. Life is always beautiful when you have good health. i have be in pain for almost 2 years my son had epilepsy & seizure and I was lonely and sad luckily I was directed to a very kind and Great (dr joseph herbal home) who helped me cure my son and today he is free.

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