1. Well first off medical Marijuana invites the wrong element of people into the state that start growing Marijuana illegally & use up the supplies of water . Illegal growers steal water from every source possible to stay in business ! Despite the big money illegally being spent on drugs & marijuana monthly it will never account for the amount of crime that comes with illegal drugs the revenue collected will never account for the the cost of crime that will come in to the state of Idaho !

  2. Scott Grow's bill is being advanced, and supported, from a position of uninformed ignorance – par for the course for Idaho's GOP. Rubel's alternative isn't perfect but at least it takes into account the legitimate science and medicinal value of cannabis. Unfortunately, as long as Idaho remains in the stranglehold of its current crop of ignorant and backward GOP idiots this situation will improve little.

  3. You ever heard of the 4th amendment or see how the "drug war" has been completely lost? You know like how the Dare program actually increased drug use amongst minors. Government putting people in cages for not harming anyone is tyrannical!!

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