Can Medical Marijuana Be Used for Back Pain from Degenerative Disc Disease?

Paul asks about using medical marijuana for his back pain from degenerative disc disease. Watch the video to find out if medical marijuana is right for his back …


  1. Cannabis will make your back worse in the long run because it is just masking the pain.
    Look at the root cause of this condition in humans and you will see it is a high carb diet that is causing the inflammation in the lower back.
    Solution: go keto for afew months and change your life.

  2. I was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 14 I am 34 now and I have the worst back pain ever I think it is starting to contribute to my breathing problem as well I wanted to know if Medical marijuana will help

  3. Paul has the exact pain I have but mine goes down my left leg. Oh my God my pain is so bad when I move around. Just what you explained is my back. Weed is not legal in my state (Texas). But you have given me hope with using weed to help me. Thank you.

  4. medical marijuana is one of the biggest money making scams of recent times..not saying that it doesn't have some possible benefits, but all these claims lately are pretty ambitious!'s about 90% marketing..follow the money!

  5. Thank you so much about the Degenerative Disc Disease and Marjuaana, because I was on fentanly for 10 years until I quit on my own. I am now on norco and hope to quit it soon. I am in continous pain, but that is better than not remember. I will try mj. Thank you!

  6. Hello Dr. Patel! I just watch this video and share the same issues as the guys who sent you the letter. However, I suffer from much more and I am having to live with my body continuously breaking down, from back pain for years, neck & shoulder pain, knee pain and now my arms are starting to fail. I have had a number of surgeries, shots and all kinds of heavy or strong pain pills, and nothing really seems to work. I was wondering if medical marijuana could be a viable solution for me. I suffer in pain every single day and all day long with no relief what so every. I am in need of some help!

  7. Hello Dr. Patel, I have immense nagging pain in my lower left back all day. I've been diagnosed with disc bulge L4-5, L5-S1 and it's awfully paining ever since ( 2 months), I used couple of hundred pills which seems not working towards reducing my pain after I get up from bed. I am from India, any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks doctor.

  8. You didn't talk aobut which strain and what balance of CBD and THC. Just getting seriously high might make you feel better but one can't function. Why did you not address this? There are hundreds of stains.

  9. I have degenerative disc . Arthritis and a neuro stimulator . And still have terrible back and joint pain. I have had surgery to scrape arthritis out of my shoulder joints as well . Could I benefit from medical marijuana? I have been on Vicodin 10 mg without much relief

  10. Hi Dr. Patel, I have degenerative disc disease in four levels with spinal stenosis with moderate 3mm left and 2mm right para central and post central rubbing against the cord without fluid in that area and without Impingement, I also have lumbar spinal disc disease in four levels also, so I have chronic pain, numbness in extremities, and low back pain is so extreme I can't sleep in bed ( my low back is starting to curve in the opposite direction, it curves the opposite of everyone else) I'm currently trying to get off Samboxin, I'm down from two pills to one half, I need a good product of CBD, how can I purchase one I can trust? Do I need to see a Doctor as yourself? Can I go down without withdrawals?can you tell me how fast can I go down?

  11. Do you have an email address? I have some questions and would like to tell you some of my medical issues and problems but am aphrensive of disclosing it here.

    I can say that my conditions are severe and numerous. I'm non-operable, been on every type of med available and tried just about everything pain management has offered.

    My current Physician has suggested that we reduce my medication(even though it serves its purpose and is never abused) even though we have not tried or found any other procedures to help eliminate my pain. I am scheduled for left knee ablation as that seemed to help reduce pain in the knee, I am also scheduled for a total knee replacement October 30 2018.

    My history of illicit drug use is ZERO, in all my life I have never used any drugs or smoked anything. I have been under the care of the Veterans Administration since my departure of the US Army where I got injured.

    My last appointment, the VA doctor told me I should try Marijuana BUT warned me that if she tested me I could lose my medication immediately as the Federal government sees marijuana as ILLEGAL, also the medical marijuana is still not available in Ohio…

    The Government is supposed to take of us when we put ourselves in harm's way… now they want to take away our right to have some sort of normalcy because others are abusing medication.

    What do we do? I am considering medical marijuana but I don't want to smoke anything.. my lungs are clean and I am otherwise healthy(organs)…

    my orthopedic surgeon told me that I should not have been taken off of my other medications as my body is riddled with arthritis.

    Any suggestions for someone who lives in a state that has not legalized marijuana yet AND the Government should be paying for my treatment.. if I use medicinal marijuana, the federal government will NOT pay for this so I am out thousands annually.

  12. I have degenerative disk disease, Klippel-Feil, Syringomyelia, Spina Bifida Occulta, Scoliosis, and Central Sensitization Syndrome and POTS. My pain is daily, but some days are so bad I cannot move, vomit or sleep. Do you think this would help me get off opioids?

  13. Thanx you answered a lot of my concerns in your video, we are just now passing MM in OKLAHOMA and want to try it, I use heat pads, ice, tens, PT, epidural injections, been on norco for years and ready for a natural alternative! Thank you again

  14. I am going through the same thing I got more going on with my back to I am a mother of three am work everyday if I give up they don’t have anyone please help me god please help it’s been a year I am tired of doctors

  15. How am i able to get a job while using medical marijuana? I am only 20 years old and i was diagnosed with degenerative back discs at the tender age of 16 years old during a physical/x ray checkup to get cleared for sports in school but they wouldnt allow me to play because they said my degenerative back discs caused the school to be concerned about it, i was fine with it but now im 20 years old and have moved around California, Oregon and Washington in hopes to find a job i could get where they would let me but they do not allow marijuana use of any kind and i feel my life is ruined all because of that and its depressing, i just want to work like i always have when i was younger too and i only smoke it at night before dinner for appetite and before bed to help me fall asleep/stay asleep and i never need it any other time then at night and if i dont smoke i wake up with inflamed discs in my lower back and some days its so severe i cant go to work if i hadnt smoked the night before, i had x rays and the doctor told me i face being paralyzed on the daily because of how inflamed they get if i dont smoke, how can i get hired for a job though? I am a labor type of person (construction, tree services, heavy equipment, union pacific railroad etc) and i love to work hard but the jobs are making it impossible for me because they random drug test and they see im only 20 years old and they assume im a drug addict even though i have it prescribed to me, im at the point of being homeless because nobody will hire me because i smoke medical marijuana outside of work and off the job site on my own time but i cant even get hired or considered because of that, i feel that i am about out of options and someday i could be paralyzed all because nobody would hire me on for work because i smoke at home to relief the pain from the work days and to relax/sleep and have an appetite, i am also a music producer and you can hear some of my music on my page and i have thought about pursing that so i could not stress my back much anymore but i still need to work a regular job until i make enough to invest into my music to make it my full time job so they i dont have to do labor intensive work just to make ends meet and keep a roof over my head, its so overwhelming everyone thinks im a drug addict and wont hire me because i use medical marijuana to treat my severe lower degenrative back discs at only the age of 20 years old, i did not want to take norcos or pills or anything because i tend to have side effects, my only side effects with medical marijuana is i get a good appetite for dinner each night and i also am able to relax more and stay in a deep sleep to be awake the next morning early and ready to work or do whatever but if i dont smoke i come back home from work or whatever im doing with back pain and i cant eat or get an appetite and usually ill just lay down in pain all night and not be in a good mood then next day or have to give up early because of my back pain, i just need help, i want to work hard 40+ hours a week and make something happen for myself but i dont want to give up the only thing that helps me achieve 40+ hours a week with no issue or work and thats medical marijuana, i just want somewhere to hire me, understand that my situation is severe and that i need my medicine each night to be able to be back at it the next morning otherwise im grumpy, in pain, in a bad mood and i hate when that happens, its at the point where im gonna have to give it all up and face being paralyzed just to make ends meet and keep a roof over my head and still then i may get fired if i cant make it to work because of severe pain

    20 years old with degenerative back discs/inflamed disc and i was diagnosed at age 16 years old and everyday i live i face being paralyzed and losing all ability for the things i do and medical marijuana is the only thing that helps me but i cannot get a job anywhere in California/Oregon or Washington that will allow me to and like i said i never need it before or during work because i respect the jobs and will work all day everyday but i need my medicine at night for appetite to eat and help inflamed discs so i can fall asleep and stay asleep all night

  16. Hi,i bought these gummies from a company called hightechcbd…i didnt know. Anything about cbd and as of writing this it hasnt arrived yet…so, are they a good source for this medical product, or dud i just get ripped off.???

  17. I have spinal stenosis, and osteoarthritis, herniated disc degenerative disc disease, but ever since i started smoking weed i definetly was able to cope with life better. No pain. My neourologist suggested medical marijuana since she can't help me anymore. =( It just sucks that instead of drs telling you you're in a catch 22 they think of making their pockets fatter. I been through hell with this back pain. Even now im up at 3:41am because i cant sleep due to the pain

  18. I have a variety of back damage and cannabis helps me reduce my opiate pain reliever intake. ( I don't like opiates, I don't get why anyone does, and if they weren't the only effective option I'd never use them.) I make my own edibles (easy enough) and consume before bedtime.

  19. I have been using medical marijuana for pain and discomfort for a bulging disc in my lower back. It really helps me. However I don't want to get high all the time that I medicate. I have tried cbd but I have found that I need thc as well for more pain relief. Is there significant success with a transdermal patch? If that worked then I could just apply it to my lower back without getting high.

  20. I've had 3 back surgeries bcuz of my diagnosis of Degenerative Disk Disease. I've tried steroid injections but didn't work, Norco, I'm on tramadol but it doesn't work it just subsides the Norco helps a little but the government schedule it as class 1 and my Dr told me the ppl that can use it is ppl with cancer, dieing of a illness, eating disorder,chronic pain. Do you think medical marijuana would help? And where is your medical practice? Are you a pain dr or what do you specialize in? Best regards Josh Hernandez.

  21. great video I'm 3 weeks post op from having l5 s1 spine fusion surgery and had severe siatic nerve pain down my right side before surgery for 2 years , now that I'm recovering and learning how to walk again and manage my pain I still have numbness in my calfs and feet the doctor gave me Norco and Gabbys and muscle relaxers and all I did was sleep and had no motivation to move so I went cold turkey on the opioid s and gave myself time to clean out ,i started smoking marijuana and noticed that I was much more relaxed , my nerve pain in my feet started to ease and I felt comfortable through out the day and could rest at night my appetite did increase so I started walking more to stay fit, but I can definitely say marijuana beats opioid s any day.

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