Cannabis Oil, How to use it and for what purpose

This is the translation of the video I made in Dutch: In this video I explain for what you can use cannabis oil, how you can use …


  1. Once the cbd oil or thc oil is made, do we need to reheat to activate it when used on foods or can we just use the oil and pour it on foods and or sublingual?

  2. I have extremely bad restless leg syndrome .
    Its effected me whole life. never allowing me to get enough sleep. I stay up rubbing my legs walking everything i could do to try to stop the creepy crawling feelings its really hard that explain you got the move all the time constantly moving your legs just to keep it at Bay some times it wakes me up and will keep me up wasn't able to do well in school being tired unable to pay attention on top of having ADHD .
    Anyway I m 57 now. Its become overwhelming to me at least until the last few years its would come and go or would be able to calm it down in a few hours letting me sleep but now episodes are more often and getting much worse . to the point I was hitting them with a foam bad .the pain was actually a relief. I had been up several days couldn't take it I must have hit him harder than I thought I woke at 5 let me go to sleep but I woke up with my legs swollen and bruised sorry to carry on l was just wondering if good hot or cold oil he talked about your video that you so extremely well presented it excellent video all information was presented really good excellent video was wondering if I might get some relief. From these oils
    Tried the hemp oil but haven't tried any with THC. If it would help i would have to go out of state to try it. But would move to a state were its legal
    Again sorry I went on and on. Just at the end of the rope

  3. Sir can u help sister has ovarian cancer and shes sufferring?she's experiencing zesured 10x ,9x monthly. My mother finished all his money and now my mother sufferring too if where she ask money for help to buy this cannabis oil.she dont even know how much cannabis and where she buy too.sir plsssss.can i ask help with u about this cannabis oil.can i have free for my sister for her ovarian cancer(dysgerminoma)

  4. Ha, some professional, I vape medical grade Indica oil daily, sometimes Hybrid. It’s popular but you missed addressing that method of administering it. I never heard of it being a topical or ingestive method. Terpenes is another subject not mentioned, neither was it’s benefits for glaucoma, nice try anyway.

  5. Thanks , like it . Not many put attention on really cold oil method ( cold press tech using high heat …) . Agree with you keep heat under 40 …35 celsius . Heat over 40 celsius destroy all the best in any product .

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  8. Rejuvenation of BRAINcells sounds good, may be its not working, but at least you think it does 😀 😀 😀
    When have you been CLEAN for the last time? In the 70s as a kid?
    I used Hash and Canabis for about 20 years and i am happy i dont need it anymore to live my life, its self betrayel, like every DRUG you are using regular on a day by day basis without beeing sick….ok, sick of humanity doesnt really count 😉
    the much better drug is, do what you want and live YOUR live, not the life others expect you to do and the best drug is a clean head.

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