Car Mafia Ready to Invest $100 Million more & Central Business District Lahore

Toyota will invest $100 Million in Pakistan to built factory for Hybrid Vehicles.


  1. Good video!! Very attractive from start to finish. However, the wisest thing that should be on every smart individuals list is to invest in different streams of income that are not dependent on the government to generate money, especially now business and investing is the easiest way to make money regardless of what party makes it to the oval office.

  2. Dear Rahman Sb,
    Pakistan's Provincial Govts. have zero experience in building, and operating modern business districts(BD). For one these will suffer from lack of utilities e.g. no water, or gas, or relaible electricity supply or health services and above all availability of direct access roads or highways connecting the business districts(BD) to airport or railways or motorways not to talk of the very high "polution" Lahore suffers from. It will take hours to reach or get out of these BD's unless special elevated access roads are constructed.The danger is also that these business districts will have very costly buildings, rents and expensive property as compared to rest of Lahore.Therefore the BD experiment may be a big failure.

  3. Mein India se hu lekin Pakistan mein car ki praic bhut jyada hei aur car mein koi qwalti bhi nhi hoti is sector mein pakistan ki sarkar ko kuch jada hi dhiya dena huga
    Tabi jakr pakistan ke logo ko kuch bhrtr car milegi aur yahi baiko mein karna hoga

  4. عبدالرحمن صاحب ایک صاحب نے دعویٰ کیا ہیے یہ تمام کار کمپنیاں 2016 کے قانون جو نواز شریف نے بنایا تھا کے تحت آئی ہیں انکا مقصد تھا کہ ان 11 کمپنیوں کا کریڈٹ صرفِ نواز شریف کو جاتا ہے اس حوالے سے اپنی تحقیق سے آگاہ کریں. انکا مزید کہنا تھا عمران خان کچھ کمپنیوں کے دوسری بار افتتاح کیا جو غلط تھا.

  5. Ma sha Allah aap bht khush khabarian dietay hain. Jazakallah sir F16 sector islamabad puray sector ki zameen aur development ka paisa kha ge. 15th saal se start honay wala sector abhi tak development ke liye muntazar hai. Sir es par bhi aik program kar de thanks

  6. اسلام وعلیکم عبدالرحمان بھائی اوکاڑہ دیپالپور حویلی لکھا بہاولنگر والا روڈ سی پیک شامل جا رہا ہے یہ بات سننے میں آ رہی ہے یہ بات درست ہے یا غلط اس کا جواب لازمی دینا شکریہ جزاک اللہ

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