CBD Oil Drug Interactions

Does CBD Oil Cause Drug Interactions? // In this video, you’ll learn about CBD Oil and drug interactions. If you’re wondering “Does CBD Oil Interact with …


  1. Well done. I have been in the Cannabis business for almost a decade and this topic always comes up yet there is not a lot of clear advice on how to navigate through, mainly due to lack of funding and therefore lack of studies . Please dont pay any mind to these ungrateful comments below. You are doing great work.

  2. FYI for the complainers… The doc needs to answer medical questions carefully or she could lose her medical license. Yes, the names were too small for a phone but I plan to check in my laptop. Giving this information is apparently VERY important for anyone who has seizures and take anti-seizure meds.
    I watch another docs channel and he answers our questions but not specific to any person. He also p0p EMPHASISES talking to your doc(s) as medical advice would cause the above the happen.

  3. My dear woman!! The National Institute of health states after many studies, they have found no interactions with medications!!!!! if you get a hold of NIH they will mail you this information or you can download it!!☮️

  4. You cant even read them it's to small lol. And I take it CBD oil and I'm on a lot of meds and it hasn't done nothing to me at all but help me I'm on blood pressure pills heart pills twice a day two different heart pills stuff for anxiety depression and bipolar hasn't done anything wrong to me if anything and improved at fibromyalgia arthritis all that good stuff it only improved it helped me so a lot of this is bull crap you can mix it but certain ones yes I would confront your doctor which I did he just said be careful with the psych meds that's about it.

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