CBDfx Vape Kit Not Working?

When buying a new CBD product, the excitement usually begins before it’s even arrived. You check the mail, constantly refresh the tracking page and count …


  1. Jeeeze, just pass me a joint… I'm trying to use this thing with a Delta 8 cart. It gets hot, it burns my throat, but there are no clouds at all. I think I feel something, but I've been hitting this thing for the past hour and feel about the same as if I smoked a bowl for five seconds…

  2. I new to vaping. I just got mine and I'm having trouble. When I plugged it in it flashed the blue light 20 times then went off. I figured that meant that it was charged because thats what the instructions said it would do. I filled the cartridge and put it into the mod. Then I pushed the button 5x and a purple light flashed. But when I push the button it won't work and their is no sound. Does that mean theres a problem with the coil? Or am i missing something?

  3. I charged mine for the 4 hours and it will not work. I tried resetting already but that has not helped. It turns on and everything but the coils won't heat up at all. Any ideas on what is wrong or do I need to get ahold of them and ask for a refund/replacement? I am honestly really disappointed I waited almost 3 weeks for my order and I payed for expedited shipping just to get a possibility broken product.

  4. Help! Mine seems to be broken. I haven't even finished my first bottle of juice yet. When the cartridge isn't in the vape it lights blue. As soon as I put it in it lights red and you can hear it skipping when burning.

  5. I got mines today, and I got blue ras, rainbow, and fruity cereal to go with it but they all taste tasteless, bitter , and burnt ;-; idk if I set it up wrong but it taste like a vape with a burnt coil

  6. Thank you for this. I thought it was charged already because the battery light was blue so I tried to use it and it didn't turn on (for obvious reasons). I'll let it charge for 4 hrs like you said.

  7. I bought this kit with the 1000mg Blue Ras juice and I also bought the 300mg hemp oil additive. My question is….do I add half of each type of juice into the vape kit tank? Or do I vape just one flav at a time? The hemp oil additive seems a tad thick and quite dark compared to the Blue Ras. What are your thoughts on this? Thank you.

  8. How many times one cartridge can be refilled and can I use another normal cartridge which is not cbd fx cartridge? and Can this be used with nicotine e-liquid? Thanks:) your video is very helpful:)

  9. Mine is not working I did everything you said 4 hr charge put liquid in it put the magnet on gold up seems to lock in place I pushed the button turns blue and nothing😭 is there something I’m doing wrong? Please help

  10. Hi there, I have the cbdfx vape kit, its fully charged, but when I try to vape the light is blue for 2 seconds then flashes red for 4 seconds and shuts off, it's only 2 weeks old, what is the issue?
    I've tried the other magnetic connector & tried cleaning the inside of the vape also, please help!…😓😓

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