CMP 294 – Lydia Smith – TimCast IRL Producer/Button Pusher! Abortions! Joe Rogan! Ivermectin! Simps!

Back by popular demand! Stand Up Comedian Chrissie Mayr invited Producer and Button Pusher of Tim Pool’s TimCast IRL Podcast on to talk about how …


  1. Two surprising things I learned this episode, Lydia is married and pro life. I used to be pro-choice until I thought about it more and I watched democrats change it from a 'dark and abhorrent last resort' to 'healthcare'. Before my wife was pregnant I was pro-life, and when she became pregnant I became even more pro-life. It is a separate entity, and I acknowledged it when I support pro-choice, but now its all the way until birth and even at birth, consider it?? No. At 20 weeks, I watched my son suck his thumb in his mother's womb, and it changed me. I spoke out loud and he took his thumb out and reacted. I can't ever defend my old positions.. That is a separate human life who is INNOCENT. It should be RARE that it happens and not referred to as 'healthcare'.

  2. I think Lydia's comment about Only Fans and how relationships are not real can be equally applied to a lot of therapists…hell anyone who takes money for interacting with people and such…lawyers totally

  3. Gain of function equals adding parasitic traits to a virus I would guess I would add those gained functions target lipids specifically , that also tracks with younger males particularly having reactions as male fat metabolism is constant and faster than females in essence, brown fat stores and all that ( hormone derivation ) so those males still in adolescence energy metabolic traits do give at least a logical explanation as to that statistical fact.
    Outstanding conversation by the way, cheers.

  4. Why did the first video with Lydia get over 85,000 views, and yet this one is stuck at 2,000? I would think with any hype the views for this video would quadruple or quintiple at least.

  5. my old lady and i have the man vs woman discussion all the time. the bottom line is woman are surprised when men are shitbags when we’ve been told for decades that we are pieces of shit and are useless. and then also get told to act more feminine. on top of the fact that as a society we dont value life. and as such men are supposed to be responsible for literally everything while women can just chop their babies up to escape responsibility. moreover, a lack of life value also means we spend 20 years at war with countries that dont want to change.

  6. lady has such a sweet demeanor and voice, so it's always shocking when she says something violent as in a prior podcast when she admits to having punched a neighbor repeatedly in the face for having taken her parking spot.

  7. I think that people sometimes forget that we are also animals. Someone I know who just had covid and also owns a farm had their doc tell them to use the animal form ivermectin for the covid. Some docs seem to think it works great and I’m also on a page with a boat load of people who are using it for covid. If you look into Peter Mcullough he says that if we had used ivermectin to treat covid instead of sending people with covid home to get worst and then venting them we would have saved half if not more than half the people we have lost in the US. I 100% think that they just don’t want the vaccine to have competition.

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