Electrolyte Imbalance Signs & Symptoms: Sweet and Simple

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  1. Just a suggestion, but hypomagnesemia should probably include hypertension since it's a big s&s for low magnesium–and it will match your hypotension for hypermagnesemia.

  2. The only issue I have with your presentation is that you said Chvostek and Trousseau signs are the hallmarks of hypocalcemia in that you won’t find those clinical symptoms with other conditions, but in fact they can be present with hypomagnesemia and metabolic alkalosis as well.

  3. Interesting that if you do a search on leg cramps magnesium deficiency comes to the top of the list. How much damage is done by supplementing with bad information. Thank you for setting things straight for me!

  4. Very useful … thank you . 2 questions : 1. Which of these can be consumed together as a supplement ie that don’t have adverse reaction . 2. Are liquid ionic supplement for these generally better absorbed ?

  5. Yellow Mustard is like pure potassium! When you are getting muscle cramps take a swallow of Yellow Mustard and the cramp will go away in UNDER a minute!! Don’t forget this! 👀😎

  6. calcium increase, have to be careful with bone spurs, kidney stones, and other things if calcium is not broken down in the body, properly. Cardiac, wiht salts, cannot have more salts, with the chf for example. Water retention. etc. Potassium can decrease fast heart rate, but can be very dangerous with too much potassium. magnesium can also help with bone pain. But again in too much, dangerous.

  7. Hi, thanks for your video! What's the difference from central nervous system to neurological? I took notes, really trying to learn this and I appreciate the format you used.

  8. I had low serum potassium levels from alcoholism and working in the sun all day. I had constant PVC’s, poor/choppy bowel movements (small amounts), and a lot of little muscle twitching with a flushed face feeling going on days before my heart went into SVT. All because of low potassium! Crazy…

  9. Not a nursing student, here because my bodybuilding lifestyle seems to be affected because of this. Severe cramp in the legs and abdominal area, I tried Gatorade and no cramps after that at all. Thank you for this

  10. why you stopped posting the videos? You are better than the professors I had in nursing school. your explanation is very simple way easy understand. Thank you so much. i hope you continue.

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