Gauteng Protests I Heavy police presence in and around Johannesburg CBD

There is a heavy police presence in and around Hillbrow in Johannesburg, this as protests continues. For more on this lets cross to our reporter on the ground, …


  1. Anyone can go on and blame unemployment, however, my understanding is that there are more unemployed people than there are looters. So what this means is that there are a lot of hungry people out there who are abiding by the law, who use lawful ways to get meagre meals. If it's possible to have such people then those who are breaking the law aren't being driven by either hunger or poverty, their behaviour springs from choice. You can't choose your financial situation, but you can choose how you want to let it influence you. Two people can experience equally intense hunger, but they are likely to solve their hunger in two different ways. Some people would say it's up to how you were brought up.

  2. I would love some more info comparing the 'Zuma Must Fall' protests with these 'Release Zuma' protests. Quick observations 1. Peaceful vs violent 2. Respect for property vs looting & arson 3. Nationwide vs sporadic, isolated 4. ?What were the numbers who took part in both protests? 5. Obviously very different people in the two protests:- One group with a desire to see RSA governed responsibly and the other with no respect for people.

  3. Tv reporters are snitches. Soon as the militants can necklace the sellout broadcasters in broad daylight, the sooner they get taken seriously. Gas stations must donate gallons of fuel for the making of Molotov cocktails

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