Girl taking medical marijuana sues Jeff Sessions and DEA

A 12-year-old girl is spearheading a campaign to legalize medical marijuana across the whole country. Alexis Bortell said she and her family had no choice but …


  1. I know that I ones doubted herbal medicine even Dr Madida, so is everyone I believe  but right now I don't longer doubt it again especially the herbal medicine from Dr Madida on YouTube which cured my idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

  2. Lol.yet chemical treatments got approval right away and pharmasuetical companies not taking responsibilies if theres side effects,, its all about the money money money, because company cannot make money if you can plant your own medicine, they want to force you to buy "there meds" because according to them it cures, but got beaten by just a herb, yes we know that taking something too much will break us, even healthy things if you take too much of it youll still get sick, the answer should be legalizing it in a responsible.manner, in my.own point of view,

  3. I had epileptic seizures, found a brain tumour causing it and had that removed. Seizure free for 10 years then they come back worse than ever.
    After cbd oil and 4 medications not working or causing bad skin reactions I’ve decided to try smoking weed, since smoking I’ve had 1 seizure.
    Unfortunately in the UK I can’t get my hands on any medicinal weed apart from what’s on the streets 😪

  4. It's all about that big money big pharma is making and kickbacks that feed the pockets of the people who make and keep the laws.think if marijuana was legal how many people's pockets would get lighter and how many people and how many private prisons and jails make profit off it. It employees too many people and It's a of now there are tons of companies trying to buy up anything to do with marijuana like Bayer and many other pharmaceutical companies because they wanna own it if it's legal. I personally don't take any form of marijuana but I've seen the effects on epilepsy, cancer,asthma, and even helps alzheimers patients first hand. Now the people that still think it's a drug ask yourself ( if it helps with the symptoms of so many illnesses why are people not allowed and being put in jail for using it.) Its bc someone with more money than 99% of the people in the United states want it to be and they are prolly using it themselves.

  5. here wwe are years later and Epidiolex is FDA approved ! DEA took it completely off of the drug schedule . Epidiolex is a cannabis plant tincture .. an grain alcohol with the plant soaked in there to extract the phytocannabinoids and other whole plant parts and pieces to then formulate into a medicine … an botanical drug substance …
    LEGAL yet real cannabis for just anyman = not legal art all zero medical value … let pharma rule the World ! we will not stop it at all ,,, nature just sits in the background while pharma has been here 100 years at most = trust IT

  6. John here, from Chambersburg, PA….. 48yrs old, Private Contractor by trade and a Recovered Heroin Addict since 2007…..Im so blessed….yet, I can't afford medical prices or the card since I lost work and wages since March Covid Lockdown….. I cant afford black market much longer either…..
    Just last week, Drug Task Force raids my home after pinching my cousin for thefts, who is a heavily known actively using addict…. Begs me for 3 freagn days to hook him up with an oz…. Ive BEGGED him to try concentrates….Its what SAVED MY LIFE AND HAS KEPT ME HEROIN-FREE FOR PAST 13 YEARS…..I DID 4.5Yrs in prison as a result of my 2007 arrest. I've been off parole going on 5 years, now. I work harder and I have a home, family , kidz and grandkidz, just like EVERYONE else…..and I am far from what I once was for a short devastating part of my life, when I was first introduced to heroin in 2004. I carry much shame and guilt and paid a dear price with my life….I am far removed from that time in my life, but NEVER forgotten….
    I decided when Covid-19 hit, and with all of the media hyping the event coupled by the riots, i thought NOW might be a good time to learn hydroponics…..i can grow ANYTHING, From lettuce to peas, and other viney veggies as well as cannabis , which if and when the all-mighty dollar FAILS, I just may have something worth its weight in GOLD, to trade and barter with, in times of NEED……I spent 18hrs a day, since March, learning how to propagate, clone, veg and bloom cannabis, I had just mastered the craft as a true ARTISAN able to grow the ABSOLUTE Dankest and most potent flower I have ever had the privilege to taste…..I had absolutely phenomenal phenos of a clone-only Headband strain and my prized Cherry Cookies and Cherry Cookie Silver, that I bred myself…..I had one ready to harvest and one 3 wks from harvest and all others were clones in veg with some new clones and new seedlings of Gelato, and King of Hearts…..i was literally getting ready to sort the males and get my next 2 stongest winners for my next bloom phase………I only had a 3×3 tent for veg and a 4×4 tent for bloom….4 plants maximum, was the most I could grow at any one time…..and they mask up and smash my door in an steal all my plants, all my lights, all my fans and filters and bust all my rigs and bongs in my yard into tiny glass peices for my kidz to walk on…..all becuz I smoke pot….NEED pot…and it is what keeps me SANE
    …. now im facing a 15-30yr sentence, all because i wanted so badly to save a life like it saved mine……
    Im in AWE….and have NEVER felt so betrayed and violated in ALL my years and this whole time, I've never been more proud of myself……..smh, in disbelief…..I am truly feeling hopeless and abandoned as this should have NEVER , EVER been allowed to happen……my history of where I've been and how far ive come, speaks for itself……I know better than TO SELL DRUGS, this time, i beleived I was helpn to save a life and we all know it isn't free… so dissappointed in myself, its beyond shame……
    If anyone knows ANYONE who may be able to help me, I would surely appreciate it…..Thank You for your KINDNESS !
    I beleive that ANY life, is worth saving….
    I can be contacted at

  7. I am NOT in any way a conspiracy theorist, but "big pharma" is definitely one of the few things I absolutely believe and despise with every fiber of my being. They are the only reason that people have to uproot their entire lives just to gain access to a life-saving medication.

  8. Alexis is not asking anyone to endorse or advocate anything – just to get out of the way when families believe that marijuana helps their kids.

    My question is how can we help her lawsuit?

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