"I'm Not Interested In The Constitution" – CBP Conducts A Controversial Stop

US Border Patrol San Diego Sector – Luke’s GoFundMe: Submit your video: …


  1. Wow. This is unbelievable 😳. And we are suppose to be happy with our law enforcement in America? Bullshit. These people are HARASSING people for no reason. Doubt anything will be done. The woman is the worst of all of them. Sick. ACAB!!!

  2. when did this happen? seems to me the border is open right now with over a million people entering the country already and they are concerned that he might have 1 person in his trunk?

  3. 12:00 – That doesn’t they have to state or articulate their “reasonable and articulable” suspicion. It just means that their suspicion has to be reasonable and can be articulated. In other words, their suspicion cannot be absurd, it does not mean that have to articulate it to you upon request. There’s difference between suspicion that must be articulated and suspicion that is articulable.

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