I’m willing to take my NATURAL COVID IMMUNITY case to the US Supreme Court

I was hoping common sense would prevail, and it is regrettable that I am here. But faced with not being able to work in some of my facilities, not being able to go …


  1. I had a "spontaneous Remision" from a viral infection.
    2 years later, a vaxine came out for that very same virus I had had.
    I get tested twice yearly & no relapse in more than 20 years.
    Natural immunity works well, as I've found with God-children when they've had measles or mumps, & Daddy's gone MIA, until the all clear is sounded.
    I'm yet to Vax for sars-cov-2 . There's to little information about both the vaccines & the virus – which has never been isolated & 'bred up', & for which a improper test – the stick up the snoz – to tell if you have it, when some pharma drugs provide the same adverse reactions.

  2. Good luck with Your case! I really hope much more people will join You with lawsuits like this, so it can’t be easily ignored anymore and the chances for success become much better! Of course I really hope You win it: for Your personal good, of course, but not only that, it has much to do with millions of people who are casually, routinely and blatantly stripped of their civil rights everyday now, so that multibillion Pharma corporations can thrive. That’s a disgusting form of capitalistic fascism happening right now, in 21 century, 2021.

    Pretty much everything You say in this video is on point, smart and justified. Those are the right questions that demand honest answers shouldn’t be just ignored, even though the system which is a soulless efficient $-making machine would be very glad to hide them under the rug, attacking everyone who expresses any doubts, labelling them “antiscience, anti-vaxx” and such.

    Hope that honest opinions like Yours will eventually prevail and force authorities to change their policies!

  3. Thank you so much Dr. Your calm & honest take on this whole covid debacle is refreshing and intellectually based opposed to the unscientific crazy take that our government and corporate media spew out everyday, so thank you again for your podcast

  4. Medical authorities (healthcare system administrators especially) are not free to reasonable and, I believe, largely due to financial considerations that are being driven by political pressure. My grandson has natural immunity to COVID 19, having been infected last November. He is in the Marine Corps Reserve and currently facing the prospect of having to submit to a vaccine mandate recently imposed on the armed service personnel. I am praying for some sense to prevail. I am a nurse and appreciate your approach to medicine. Thank you for your candor and support of a minimalist approach to wellness.

  5. Hi, I've recently contracted covid-19. I understand that I now currently have natural immunity. However, I've been hearing that recovered covid patients could produce "super immunity" from getting just one shot following getting covid. What are your thoughts on this? By the way, I received this info from Dr. Moran. Thank you.

  6. Vaccines provide additional protection.
    Benefits of vaccine outweigh risks.
    Monitoring antibodies isn’t practical.

    What risks are you talking about? MRNA vaccines are safer than aspirin.

    688,770 deaths
    Stop this silliness.

  7. I totally stand behind you as I also have natural immunity. I too strongly support not getting the vaccination. It breaks my heart to hear your job and lively hood is in jeopardy. I pray for you and the stance you're taking.

  8. I had Covid two months ago. I got a fever for about 5 hours then it turned into a cold. Everything was over within 10 days and then I felt great and I'm 62 years old. I was going to get the vaccine but then I learned that even after you get it you can still get really sick, you can still die and if you don't die you can still spread it so what's the use of getting the Vaccine

  9. I agree, It's not 1621, they are still stuck on the way they did things back then, why they have to control others to feel powerful?, It's called Human Rights. It's a shame it's all about money. Thanks Dr. Dhand for your hard work on the fields and off. Stay Safe, Peace.

  10. In the UK and Ireland people with natural immunity are included on the VAX passport unlike Australia it's not acceptable pass as to quote government website , We don't know how long natural immunity will last. unquote Yet we know you will the for sure you will require additional VAX

  11. Thank you for your courage and for continuing the fight for natural immunity and for patient specific decisions. The shotgun approach that the government is pushing with these mandates are ridiculous. Especially when they are not taking consideration the natural immunity of those who have had COVID already. I'll be praying that you can be successful with this fight!

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