Industrial Hemp: The Future of Green Building (John Patterson)

Getting High on Anthropology, Marty Otanez, Producer and Associate Professor, CU Denver Michael Kilman, Camera …


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  4. sad how he disses straw bale because it is even greener. Less wood used, less lime which is a high energy user and don't need cribbing either. Talk about other big corps dissing hemp so why do you diss straw?

  5. l'm not dissing 'industrial' hemp for building or these methods of building, l am in favour but funny to say there's a difference when there isn't, smaller percentage of thc but it will always have it, hard to get rid of in hybridizing, always wants to come back, strange, so why don't they use waste from medicinal recreational grown?

  6. My goal is to use waste hemp stalks root and all, process them for hurd on a small scale enough for a 1500 soft home. I have found the fiber to be a problem to separate efficiently. I will like to use fibe and hurd as one complete mix. I have access to stalks n root for free thus the expediency in using what is free. Any ideas?

  7. Love you dept of information. What I will like to know is I have access to get some hemp stalks after the farm take all their usable parts, is how can I process this into hemp hurds on a small scale to be used for hempcrete? Please contact me you know so I need to take separate inner parts separately etc.?

  8. Are the walls strong enough to hang any sort of let's say cabinets or even training equipment for doing pull ups. How do you hang things on hempcrete

  9. If you called this Industrial Cannabis : The Future of Green Building… I might would share your video. However I refuse to call cannabis hemp without dubbing it 1,000 other nicknames for every other compound the plant might be missing.

  10. Photovoltaic panels are rated for 25 years to have 80 percent efficiency left. Not last 25 years, you got that part wrong. Solar panels will last 100 of years and more but they will of course produce less over time. My panels are soon 20 years and still perform as new. So warranty should probably say 50 years and 80 percent left.

  11. Currently outside of Lake Elbow, Kansas there's thousands of hemp plants in rows for KSU agriculture research.
    Just a sheet of plywood with stenciled lettering, informing ownership of the crop…no fences or security on site.

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