Lazarus Naturals CBD Oil Review!

Welcome to Episode 10 of CBD Products Review Saturdays! In this Episode, I review Lazarus Naturals Isolate CBD Oil. How can Lazarus Naturals Isolate CBD …


  1. UPDATE: We now carry Lazarus Naturals Blood Orange, Wintermint, and Flavorless CBD Isolate Oils. Here are the links to all of the Lazarus Naturals CBD Oils we carry:

    Isolate CBD Oils (from this review):
    Tropical Breeze:
    Blood Orange:

    Full Spectrum CBD Oils (review coming soon):
    Natural Flavor:
    Chocolate Mint:

  2. Ive tried a certain cbd tincture for anxiety and all i felt was tired and a bit anxious .. full spectrum 2000mg/66mg mesured at .50mg any reccomendations for a certain dose?

  3. I am someone who needs extra sedation or Novacane. Drugs that are meant to knock a person out don't effect me the same way. Vicodine or Norco do very little as far as pain relief, so I dont even bother taking them. So would you recommend a full spectrum or an isolate? My issues would be anxiety, feeling unable to relax or turn off my brain at night.
    Thanks in advance ☺

  4. I’m a sahm to a feisty toddler, and I found myself day drinking to feel relaxed. It was becoming a problem and I was waking up hungover and being very moody. I just ordered this product and I hope cbd will help my mood and anxiety. Patience runs thin when dealing with young children, and I just need a product that will help me get thought the day.

  5. I’m curious to what you think of broad spectrum I’m looking through the comments and everyone is afraid of testing positive for THC in drug test with full spectrum what about broad spectrum vs isolate

  6. Ty for the video! I've been using Lazarus Full Spectrum for about 2 months now! it has really helped with my back pain and anxiety! I also use the Isolate Non Flavor, as well! Both help! But, I do think maybe I've been taking too much of it? I take 1.5ml (so I think that is 75mgs?) every 2-3 hours or so. Maybe I'm overdoing it?? i dont feel a 'high' off it. I just really enjoy the tastes (of the full spectrum-green bottle). Just ordered another bottle today actually. The 6000mg bottle, their Biggest!! Ty again!

  7. I bought a 4oz bottle of Lazarus Full Spectrum. How can a "CBD" tincture which lists hemp seed oil 1st, be legitimate? Hemp seed oil has very little CBD. I bought a bottle of this and it is very "weak". No wonder it is so cheap.

  8. I ordered their sample pack that comes with a lavender balm, 225 mg standard pot. tinct. (15mL), and 25mg capsules for under 40 to help with my anxiety. Im super happy that my first choice where to buy cbd has been getting rave reviews and I cannot wait to try their products out. Thank you for a great review, Im feeling much better that I made the right choice in trusting Lazarus Naturals!

  9. Lazarus has worked wonders for me the past 5 months ❤. I have wicked upper back pain and IBS. Also has helped regulate my mood, I was stuck in a bad place mentally for a while. Still get it on occasion but it has minimized it exponentially. Usually I take full spectrum, as it helps with physical pain. But I have recently been using the tropical breeze isolate because my job has random drug screenings😥. I would hate to lose my job over a legal form of pain relief that full spectrum offers 💔. Anyways, awesome review man!

  10. I recently bought some 15mg full spectrum from Lazarus for my dad. He is liking it. Check out Infinite CBD they have a 30% off site wide discount going on today (8-19-19). I have tried a few of their products and have been pleased with them.

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