Legal High from Moss better than Medical Cannabis? THC & CBD Biology, Chemistry & Synthesis

Hey guys, I’m back with another video! This time, we will cover the basics of cannabinoids. We’ll discuss the history, biochemistry, pharmacology and total …


  1. I for one loved the biochem parts. While I technically majored in medicinal chemistry most of what I've done academically since then has been on the biochemistry/molecular biology side so I'm a lot more comfy in that realm these days.

  2. This explanation is deceiving about the number of compounds that are described as CBD and THC. There are hundreds of molecules described by these abriviations. People are confused by this. If you develop a tolerance to one kind of Marijuana, you can switch to a different strain, and it will have a lower tolerance to it.

  3. I can see the behavioral necessity of a body activity/inactivity+eating cycle in animals, and your video explains the mechanism nicely. But what I'm missing is the mechanism of the psychoactivity of THC vs CBD. Many alkaloids affect the nervous system because plants need protection from being eaten by insects. Perhaps this is the case with THC too, what is known about its effects on insects?

  4. you have great videos, rich in information, and sowed together nicely. I could differently see this channel growing a much higher number of subscribers and even more so if videos were released with higher frequency. Hitting that bell notification.

  5. I'm loving your videos, I'm new here on the channel and I'm starting an organic synthesis work and I'm really enjoying it! Could you record videos for beginners in organic synthesis? I would appreciate it too much! Hugs from Brazil!

  6. So at 7:06, the phenol is shown attacking the cyclopropane by what looks like an Sn2 reaction. I'm a little confused about this, as the nucleophile would be attacking a quaternary carbon, which we all learned in undergrad orgo is too hindered for Sn2, especially for a bulky phenol.

    Is there something I'm missing or is this unfavorable reaction just driven forward by the combination of lewis acid activation, release of strain, (and I assume) a load of heat and time?

  7. I like this cats take on things. I am a plant medicine facilitator in Ecuador. I am going to add this channel to my suggested. Of course my channel will appeal to anyone interested in consciousness will dig my channel.

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