Living with Catastrophic Epilepsy (3 Brain Surgeries and 10,000s of Seizures)

At two years old Haley collapsed in her first of what would be tens of thousands of seizures. After trying every medication available with no progress, she had …


  1. Haley has her own YouTube channel at She has 9 subs at the time of publishing this video…. can we get her to 100?!?!?! Also, Haley, I love the way that you communicate your thoughts and feelings. It takes great courage to do so and I am proud of you. To Haley's mom: Thank you for allowing Haley the space to communicate her feelings and also for validating her concerns. You two are amazing!

  2. My Mom has epileptic seizures without having epilepsy; her seizures became worse in the last year. It feels like her memory is stunting with every new seizure she has. I feel for her and her family, it's a very difficult thing to go through and witness.
    She's a beautiful soul, inside and out.

  3. I have epilepsy and when people ask, are you okay, and you feel okay it makes you think that something is wrong and they’re seeing something went or hearing a voice chang and you’re not feeling it. If that makes sense. My husband would send me into panic attacks asking that because I thought he was seeing the signs of a seizure

  4. I feel her pain. I love Descendants and I’ve been told numerous times my piers that it’s for lItTlE kIdS. When that’s just not true! It’s for anyone that enjoys it! You love what shows and movies you want too girl! You are truly an inspiration! Never listen to those people! ❤️

  5. Amazing kid, incredible mom! Chris asked a lot of good questions here too. Going from 50-100 seizures/day to 10/week must be so encouraging. Hopefully more discoveries are made and that number will eventually be zero. If there's a way, this girl's mom seems like she'll find it.

  6. Haley, thank you so much for explaining everything so patiently! You really helped me understand epilepsy better and, by the way, I believe in mermaids and unicorns, too! ❤️

  7. I love Octonauts too. We should all watch whatever we like. Our family still love Tom and Jerry, Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Topcat. Haley, you watch what you like that makes you smile.
    Sometimes friends say they have moved on to other programmes just to try and look grown-up – but really they secretly still like them.

  8. Haley hi , I am 30 and I still love little kids cartoon and movies too ❤️ you are amazing , keep up ur spirits , I wish all ur dreams come true. ❣️

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