Medical Marijuana and Parkinson's Part 1 of 3

This clip is from the feature documentary “Ride with Larry.” With his Parkinson’s symptoms worsening and options for new medications unavailable, retired police …


  1. Obviously some time has gone by. Larry, are you able to now use Cannabis, and have you been able to look into other treatments like DBS or FUS for your Parkinsons?

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  3. I have similar issues in U.K. with epilepsy. I know cannabis keeps me fit free. I stop for a month or two and then fit. Last time I severely burnt my arm, tried other pills and went from no fit in 7 years to about 10 in a couple of months. As a long term user I don’t get “high” and can function perfectly well at everything I do in life. We have ludicrous laws in this country for driving. You could’ve had cannabis 2 weeks previous, it be in your system and you get a 12 month ban. The alternative is to mess with medications risking more fits and therefore up to 2 years not driving. I have a family, run my own business and consider myself as a decent member of society.

  4. 02:27 I don't like the idea of breaking the federal law.
    Have you ever wondered if some of the federal laws are wrong?
    Most laws is made to protect us and some laws is made to enslave into society

  5. For that scientist dude to say that marijuana does some bad things, after comparing it to meth, seriously makes me want to slap him. Like meth kills people, destroys their bodies, marijuana does not! You don’t even have to smoke it, which could be the only possibly “bad” part, but there aren’t all these crazy chemicals in it like cigarettes (which don’t help anybody in any way) so even then I don’t know how bad it could truly be. Yes inhaling smoke into the lungs isn’t great, but where are the cases of how marijuana caused serious lung disease?

  6. What kind of marijuana though? In the other videos says to rub a drop in his cheek and tongue. My grandma has Parkinson's and we have tried tinctures and extracts with no avail! Should we move to vape? Etc? Please answer!

  7. At 2:09 The scientist's name is cut off. I went looking for him because it's important where you get your information from;
    Daniele Piomelli is an Italian-born American scientist. He studied neuroscience in New York City, with James H. Schwartz and Eric R. Kandel at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons (PhD, 1983-1988) and later with Paul Greengard at the Rockefeller University (Post-doc, 1988-1990). Two of his mentors (Kandel and Greengard) received in 2000 the Nobel Prize for their contributions to medicine.

  8. Its sad that a inexpensive drug, that is practically benign in negative side effects, that can be grown in your own home, is the one people try last because of a huge negative stigma.

  9. Bio-active phytocannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant species are formed from glandular resin that gets secreted into the trichomes. Thrichomes are not created in the plant but rather outside of the plant. They serve to refract light and keep insects and predators away from the plant, also as anti oxidant agents to protect the plant from UV environment ETC….
    All of those evolutionary derived biological protecting molecules, (Phytocannabinoids and Terpenes) created from Mica , metallic oxides, sterols, phenols, and esters, ETC get transferred to Man when he/she ingests The Cannabis.
    Man contains an endocannabinoid system to metabolize via catabolism all of the phytocannabinoids, hence the bi0logical activity that leads to stabilized intracellular metabolism or homeostasis of the Organism… Identification or Bio-mimicry of Terpenophilic molecular structures is the bio-activity . Cannabinoids whether endogenously structured from arachidonic acid pre cursors substrate or from cannabimimetic activity of phytocannabinoids directly consumed in diet from cannabis plants will effect the Endocannabinoid system Cascade or metabolic chain reaction potential ..

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