1. It's illegal to protect pharmaceutical profits.. our politicians are corrupt so they protect that industry as opposed to prioritizing their citizenry, who will get high anyway. the profits will just go to organized crime instead of legal taxable businesses. Terrible policy all around.

  2. But the strength of the medical marijuana in Georgia is practically non-existent. The monthly allowance that Georgia has written for a needy patient dying of cancer is less, way less allowance for a whole month than one single dose for me in FL and I am a "low dose" user with MS.
    How are people with chronic illness like cancer going to medicate with less than 1/4 of 1 reasonable daily dose to use for an entire month of excruciating pain?
    Georgia is also not prepared for the fact that one person's reasonable proper dosage can be dozens and dozens literally dozens of times stronger than another person's dosage. If you won't let any people in Georgia reach a reasonable minimum dose and if one dose uses up two or three months supply then how is that going to be helpful to people in Georgia.
    How can you be debating the efficacy of needed dosage when you have half the country already measuring this for you for the past 4 years?
    Why are non-doctors making these scientific and medical decisions?
    Why are non doctors making these scientific and medical decisions?
    Why are non doctors making these medical and scientific decisions? Where is there any logic to these scientific and medical decisions being made by people that have no education on this medical subject?
    Why are traffic engineers deciding how my roads should be built? Wouldn't that be better decided by people that are afraid of driving? Why is our law enforcement being handled by experienced and trained police officers? Wouldn't law enforcement be better handled by people that have zero tolerance of any type of crime and think all criminals can be prayed into innocence? Why are people with mental problems being treated by doctors? shouldn't we just punish them for what they do wrong and cure them that way?
    Having lawmakers make these medical and scientific decisions is just as ridiculous.

  3. I heard this passed. 6 companies get to open 5 stores each. And grow what they sell. Opens next week July 1st, but I don't know how they could grow and harvest a crop in 2 months.

  4. Step in the right direction, but fuck that reggie ass cannabis. 5% THC isn’t shit. Bet even WW2 vets smoked better reefer than this. Honestly GA ‘s loss, b/c people here are gonna keep smoking it, & people are gonna keep selling it (black market). Walk downtown around GA state all you smell
    is bud. Legalize and tax it. Use money for your fucked ass roads & feed some homeless damn country ass mfs

  5. I really don’t get the hold up. Legalize recreational marijuana and build some dispensaries here. It’s a win win. It brings more jobs and also decreases the chances of laced weed. (Idk it may even decrease the crime rate a lil bit. People are typically happier after they hit that Zaza). Are these people brain dead or something? Its 2021 that slow southern mindset has to go. People are still going to smoke it here regardless but what do I know? Who gives af about a 5% cbd oil? 🖕🏾a cbd oil we need exotic.

  6. This is redictous we are adults .you give us all kinds of products that will kill us,but A plant from the ground. From nature is illegal. While everyone is Being drugged up by big pharma. So As our president with oletimers says. Come on man!

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