Medical Marijuana Users *BEWARE OF THIS*

If you have a medical marijuana card this video is a must watch! If you are thinking about using medical marijuana this video is a must watch. Marijuana …


  1. Whether you want to quit pot, alcohol, sugar, meat, gasoline,… whatever! Know that the power to change is yours and yours alone. Don't be lazy by paying someone else to do it for you. They care more about your ability to pay than your ability to change.

  2. I absolutely wish I had some warning. I used medical marijuana for PTSD but developed CHS and was addicted. Has to cut cold turkey and it was miserable. Thanks for all the information you’re putting out! 15 days clean now and it’s getting easier!

  3. Yes I wish I had known this before I got my medical card. I got bad withdrawals when I had to go without weed and it scared me. Now I am 30 days off of THC. Thanks Dr Frank!!

  4. My mom lives in Illinois so when I go visit her I could get recreational weed but I don't one she doesn't like seeing me in that state with my schizophrenia n my autism I'm 26 n I could if I wanted to but I just use cbd instead doesn't really affect me not that I think thc would but still

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