1. Would you say that is the best brand for you? I have really bad test anxiety and I am looking to take a different approach to it other then medication. Is this brand the best?

  2. I have anxiety had a panic attack and I tried CBD vape let me tell u cried because I felt so good and happy enjoying life it helps my anxiety at work ❤️ god bless. I recommend this!!!!!

  3. You need Delta 8 infused CBD flower. That is comparable to regular weed. There's two kinds. Delta 8 CBD flower, and regular CBD flower. Regular CBD flower doesn't do a damn thing, but the Delta 8 THC will put you on your ass. You're welcome

  4. Thanks for great video! Do you order online? And even though it’s legal, how does it work having it shipped from state to state? Your intro was definitely my experience as well so thought something was wrong with my brain because everyone else seemed to be feeling great!! What’s name/brand? Any anxiousness or paranoia with cbd prerolls? Thank you

  5. The only cbd joint I've tasted smelled like cigarette smoke when lit,tasted like a really stale cigarette and had a really hard draw,are all cbd joints like this?

  6. I smoke a ton and I gotta say, CBD weed (with less than 1% THC) is honestly some of my favorite. Its good on its own, or you can mix it with regular weed for a lighter high. Also super dope for when you accidentally get a little too faded and need to stop tweaking

  7. I suffer from anxeity and im in constant fear of getting seizures cuz i battled with it before and i just want sum for dat and to calm.down im christian but i believe their are good type of cbd

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