New Mexico medical marijuana laws may apply to Texans, too

A medical marijuana CEO is going to court to see if out-of-state residents can apply for New Mexico’s medical marijuana program.


  1. Greg Abbott is bought and paid for by big pharmaceutical lobbyists, alcohol lobbyists, as well as people in charge of private prisons. That’s why we can’t get it on a ballot. The overwhelming majority of Texans support medical and even recreational cannabis, but because our government knows better than we do, we don’t get a say in the matter. (Strange since Republicans always rant and rave about small government and not telling people how to live) Alcohol and tobacco kill thousands upon thousands of people a year and yet it’s still legal to purchase.

    Good on New Mexico for a sensible policy decision. Now if only Texas would get some of those tax dollars for us and start paying some teachers…

  2. This is medicine that God put on this Earth to help people get through life, not to be abused. Everyone who is against marijuana is going against God's will. There's a reason it's called God's grass and one of the gifts given to baby Jesus on his birthday was cannabis oil, along with frankincense and myrrh

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