Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd explains opposition to medical marijuana

In an interview with FOX 13’s Mark Wilson, he discusses the issue. He also weighs in on a recent poll showing high favoritism for the legalization of it.


  1. Lol… LMFAO… Are You Kidding Me?… I Have An Idea, Let's Vote Yes On Amendment 2, Then Vote To Replace This Deuce Bag Who Will Make Up Any Excuse In The Book To Keep Arresting People For No Reason Just So He Can Make Money Money!!!

  2. In July of 2013 the pcso fired a deputy for conduct violations for having an alleged relationship with a know drug user. Now admitting to fully knowing that John morgan's brother uses marijuana(currently illegal) and admitting to being "very good friends" with him would be basically resigning, correct?

  3. I don't know what's scarier – the fact that a Sheriff with a Masters degree can be this fucking moronic or that he keeps getting re-elected. Start voting these fucking morons out fellow Floridians. Enough is enough. The police agenda is to keep the police budget on track. That happens in no small part due to trumped up counts of fictitious crimes. The violent crime rate is on the decline everywhere. Stop the #ZombieLies  Stop the militarization of our police. Stop these ridiculous draconian laws. All over a  100% non-lethal substance that any adult is capable of deciding whether or not it makes sense in their lives. Your children are not in danger anymore than they were with alcohol or pharmaceuticals (except those CAN kill people and DO every day.)

  4. Judd is the damn fraud, the problem in Polk county with his screwed up system, they falsely charge people all the time and then use the real criminals to his advantage as informants(snitches) to bad Judd it's going to happen!

  5. its funny haw he can get payed from are taxs and not support 88 % of Floridians we need to take care of the sick and tge ones that are in pain like are elderly haw can you officer not support medical marijuana its a shame. also this is war on drugs by legalizing it o no wait you want to put hard working families in jail when drug lords are still out there think out side the box officer drug lords will not win this time tax medical marijuana and help the sick not like drunk driving geting a family destroyed by a drunk driver .

  6. Sheriff Judd's only concern is for the continuation of property seizures.  
    Follow the money.
    Cannabis busts bring huge bonuses:  cars, boats, motorcycles, airplanes, homes, land, cash…
    How much profit is involved in busting a murderer, rapist, robber, kidnapper, car thief? 
    Easy to see why pot busts take TOP priority…

    The only thing that can defeat Amendment 2 would be voter apathy… Don't depend on 'the other guy'…Please vote…
    I cannot help you… I lost that right with a marijuana conviction… Change the law before it happens to you…

  7. Marge: You seemed so understanding before. What happened to "Boys will be boys"?
    Sheriff: You see, during Spring Break, the beer companies pay me to look the other way. The rest of the year, I am a real hardass.

    I guess the cannabis companies aren't paying him off 😛

  8. Why would 83% of any group want to go to the bathroom at the same time?  This pig spouting out sheldon adelson's propaganda as fast as he can to save his police state power/dollars.

  9. "Guess what, other reasons can be anxiety, back ache, insomnia"

    Uh…yeah, you're point? Are you such a stupid fucking pig (protip: yes) that you don't recognize that those need treatment too? Anxiety can be crippling. Back pain can EASILY become crippling. Insomnia can lead to a myriad of other problems as well.

    So yeah, someone needs to shut him up. He's a fucking idiot

  10. I wonder if this idiot had ever had a friend or relative die a painful death that marijuana would have helped relieve? Has he ever tried it for a backache or stomach cramps, insomnia or anxiety? It is a medical wonder for these cases. Get smart Grady.

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