Potential Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana part 2 with Dr. Dustin Sulak

Welcome to Integr8 Health, LLC, Dr. Dustin Sulak’s D.O. practice in Falmouth, Maine. Our Medical Marijuana Specialists are ready to help you get your life back, …


  1. When u have things like opiates(heroin) and tobacco being give out by doctors and told they're relatively safe then u have something like marajuana that's demonized and illegal idk how much more proof u need to realize what a greedy corrupt society America still is.

  2. Doc….this science is easy to understand…as an RN I'm offering my services to "train or teach" people as well…with you….I need the services to help certain physical challenges that I have…and to work in a medical field that actually helps people move forward.

    May I contact you?

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