Preparing for sales of recreational marijuana in December

This may be genius marketing. The owner of The Greenhouse of Walled Lake Cannabis Dispensary is jumping on the Popeye’s chicken sandwich craze and …


  1. Hey guys, we need your support! Can you help us out?


    Let's stop fining people, giving them criminal records, locking them up, and seizing their personal property over a plant!

    Please take a moment to support US Federal Legalization of Cannabis and Hemp plants by signing our petition!

    Thank you for being a truthful voice for this plant.

  2. Misleading… you do not need a VALID driver's license. A State I.D. will work too. Hellejuah to recreational weed! Fk Yes! About damn time! Pot smokers always are cooler than the drinkers and hardcore druggies or pill poppers. Weed forever.

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