Raw Whole Food Plant-Based Diet, Supplements, Lifestyle And Natural Health For Preventing Disease

Raw Whole Food Plant-Based Diet, Supplements, Lifestyle And Natural Health For Preventing Disease – Authors: Anna Maria Clement, Ph.D., L.N., | Brian …


  1. Have you seen dr Klaper? I want to look like him when I’m his age. How old are these doctors? So many supplements Where are the studies to review? I don’t believe will Tuttle agrees with this, what does dr Gregor say? How old are they? CBD oil? Interesting.

  2. Could you please give your sources for the supples you guys are using. Sourcing is a maddening task. Thank you for your passion and your willingness to share this valuable information.

  3. 37 supplements? Sounds like addiction. I am sorry, I don’t want to be rude, but you don’t look any younger or healthier then other plant based experts who don’t take a wagon of supplements. Are you saying that other plant based doctors and experts are all deficient in nutrition and don’t have as much energy as you?
    Please, don’t scare people who are considering changing their diet from SAD to plant based. We should enjoy our plant based food with minimal quantity of supplements and we shouldn’t be stressed about how to get 37 expensive supplements from around the world.
    Let’s get real; we should be aware of what we eat to avoid illness and premature death from illnesses, but we will not live forever no matter how hard we try.

  4. 40:07 – Communicating with individuals who "aren't sold" on eating raw-plants-only. Exclude animal-rights-argument and the environmental-arguments. JUICY! I LOVE this guy's questions. <3

    EDIT: 1 thing I would add, is MENTAL-EMOTIONAL change. I'm happy-as-a-pig-in-mud on this diet, and that wasn't something anyone told me would happen. It just did.

  5. 26:55 "… can go on and on." Yes! And here is my suggestion to the person who asked about "recommended supplements" — "we" don't need "recommendations", we need the MAPS. The raw language, so I can be equipped with the vocabulary to begin searching on my own. A map doesn't need adjectives to be useful; the map itself can be useful. Knowing what "magic words" to put into a search-engine is, in many cases, the first step. <3

  6. 23:39 I appreciate this gentleman's tenacity and forthrightness in homing-in-on specific pieces of data. I "slighted" him earlier, but I better recognize the role he is playing in this: don't fuck around with language, give me the singular map I can use as a spring-board for personal action. Bravo. <3

  7. Anecdotally, in the past 2 days, I have eaten 4 "medium-size" avocados per-day, and both nights I have slept better than I have in weeks. I'm pretty skinny, too. I love avocado. Hmm… yum.

  8. This is super-timely for me. At least as far as ~8-minutes into this, the gentleman on the upper-left reminds me of someone who asks a software-engineer whether they should use a relational-database or a key-value-database, without any context. The answer to a question without specific context is always: it depends.

  9. Go vegan for your health, whole food plant based.
    Go vegan for the animals.
    Go vegan for the planet.
    A lower risk of heart disease and cancer for you and a better planet for everyone, human and animals.

  10. You are what you eat. Your diet impacts your health.
    Obesity in children and adults is rising across the world.
    Eat a healthy plant based diet and exercise regularly.
    Reduce or eliminate cows milk, eggs, cheese and meat. Eat more salad greens, beans, fruit and vegetables.
    Every adult and child should own a bicycle and ride it regularly.
    Regular exercise will help you sleep better. Yoga is a great stress reducer.
    Obesity is all too common today. Get off the couch. Get off the phone, ipad or video game.
    A variety of stretching and other exercises help with increased mobility.
    Ride to work, ride to school, ride for fun.
    Every city should be a bicycle city.
    Speak up for bicycles in your community

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