1. I don't smoke cannabis for "medical" reasons, I smoke it because I like it and I don't ask for your damn "permission". Now, if you want to have any control over cannabis you're going to have to legalize and regulate, like alcohol. Otherwise, I don't really care, I'm smoking it anyway. Try to find a jury in the state of Florida that will convict me.

  2. The one fact nobody can deny is that if marijuana is legalized, the number of marijuana related fatal car accidents will sky rocket and be much higher than drunk driving related car accident deaths. You can't catch a pot smoking driver with an alcohol breath test and each and every person who smokes pot before driving knows he/she can't be caught with an alcohol breath test.

  3. Cannabis should be available just one the fact that it's never killed anyone. I mean too water can kill you. Water is perfectly ok by everyone. I seriously don't understand why reefer madness holds on to today's federal government's decisions.

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