1. Recreational marijuana legalization would continually help criminals. Places in Latin America have supply of drugs for organized criminals to operate in that area which causes a drug war. That drug war left thousands dead to traffic marijuana, heroin, cocaine and many other drugs to satisfy the demand. Marijuana intended for recreational use was originally exploited from Latin America and legalization only increased exploitation efforts by criminals since late 2012. For instance, "The Legalization of Marijuana The Impact Volume 3: Section 7 talked about increased trafficking of Colorado's marijuana. Criminal organizations can take advantage of easy access which will then increase crime. For example, "The Legalization of Marijuana The Impact Volume 4: Page 115 talked about increased organized crime from criminal organizations. Increased organized criminal activity results in a drug war from new supplies via legalization this scenario will factor in increased crime. WASPC(Statewide Crimes in Washington) and CBI(Statewide Crimes in Colorado) found crime to have increased from 2013 to 2015. More evidence of legal recreational marijuana effects factoring in increased crime is that state and state residents have increased revenue yet crime is still increasing. Prohibition should be reinstated and medical marijuana legalized. Decrease the demand for drugs using anti – drug education(to prevent new users), rehabilitation and helping non violent drug user prisoners get a new life.

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