1. "Think of the children" What about fast food,driving,cigarettes,cigars,mentaly abusive/physicaly abusive parents,deadly medications,alcohol,deadly cars gas,carbon dixiode gas,deadly fumes from pipes from soda trucks? 😂😂😂😂 Children will get high with or without "protection."

  2. Parents just may have to say no to their kids. I think its absolutley pathetic that kids are smoking crack hooked on opioids. Kids haven't changed parenting has changed. I can't even buy cough medine without being proofed. Yes I raised 2 kids myself who are now self reliant and not on govt assistance because they worked on summer vacations.

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  4. Somebody needs to tell this lady it's not societies responsibility to watch people's kids. It's on you as a parent to do that. Prohibition is a joke anyway, drug dealers don't ID. This is such a horse shit non argument. What a Bourgeois self-righteous twit…

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