Seizures in Dogs and Cats: 5 Natural Remedies

This video shows you the 5 most important Natural Remedies that you can use to treat your dog or cat’s seizures.


  1. Vaccines and flea collar and or liquid caused seizures in my Collie. I used CBD oil to stop the seizure within 20 seconds. Most seizures occurred at night. I gave her CBD drops before bedtime. I also used DE to chelate the neuro toxins out of her system. We have now been seizure free for over 6 years.

  2. Our 15 year old cat got her first seizure (that we know of at least) on May 12, then May 23 and May 24. Every time she gets a seizure her entire body rolls and pounds on the floor; not simple twitching or paddling like we've seen in epilepsy videos. We have contacted her vet and he suspects epilepsy. She had had a nipple tumor removed last November and two days ago I noticed a new lump in her abdominal area. We've had her since birth, she never got ill. Please help us with tips/ what you think it might be. We hope she doesn't have a brain tumor. Thank you and God bless.

  3. We had a work up by the vet after our dog was looking worried , tail down , skittering, fly biting, not able to settle, at irregular intervals for a month or two. When I looked online someone suggested gabapentin which my vet gave me and he gets it twice a day, symptoms greatly reduced, lasts only a few seconds now. Have added in many of the natural supplements, occasionally use the acupressure point dr Jones has suggested. Thank You Dr Jones!!!πŸ’

  4. My dog would have seizures so bad her mouth would bleed, the side of her face would be cover in blood.
    The pills she's on now have so far stopped her from having seizures, fricken vets are expensive $252.98 just to test my dogs blood.
    Another $100 just for them to see her.
    $20 for the pills and I've got to buy them for the rest of her life.

  5. I’ve been giving my puppy a teaspoon of organic coconut oil on his food, I crush up a chewable vitamin c and give his a vitamin e. I also switched his dog food to ACANA. It’s expensive but healthier for him. I called a friend who is a retired chiropractor and took him to her house where she did muscle testing on him through me. She also, put him on several different homeopathic remedies. Sending healing to all who suffer from seizures. πŸ™β€οΈ

  6. my older dog has a quick seizure every time he wakes up from a nap. this just started about 2 months ago. i should add that the doctor doesnt know why this is happening. the antiseizure medicine isnt working.

  7. Hello doctor ,my dog is 2years .he used to have seizures attack after 1 month or 2 months ..but oneday the seizures happened for around 30 times a day that he lost his memory he is recovering but his memory is still the same ..I just wanted to know memory will return or not?

  8. My dog Katie, started having siezures after I gave her beneful grain free dog food. After I started only feeding her boiled chicken she got much better,.
    But then ,she started having them only on Sundays ??? Hmm???
    Then I realized, on Sundays. She'd get right in front of the TV. And watch her favorite afv..
    So I darken the TV. Lightened the color and tint and made her get back and watch from a distance,. The Sunday siezures. Has stopped,
    So these TV,s today may be causing siezures also,.
    I started gradually adding blue Buffalo dog food,. I know it's on the bad list too,. But it's being watched,. But so far. Shes doing fine,
    I see a lot of people feed their dogs. Raw chicken,. Let me tell you. There's a little skinny bone that runs down. A chicken leg. It's like a needle. And it can stick through the dogs intestines and kill your dog. ..make sure to remove that little skinny bone on the chicken leg,,

  9. I need help. So when my dog has these "seizures" his back leg muscles become very tense and he tries to get up and kinda run. When he does get the chance to stand up I catch him stumbling. When i try to give give him food he goes into the state of the "seizure. Please help. Thanks

  10. Okay kids, and Doc. I'm going to tell you how to get rid of seizures. First off, thank you so much doc for all that you do.
    This is from my own experience, I'm not a doctor I don't sell anything. Out of 10 dogs, only one had cancer, one day I caught him out in my shed licking the open bag of fertilizer, so I'm sure that's what happened to him. Out of the other nine dogs I never had to put one to sleep, they just got old and fell asleep. 20 years old, 19 years etc. they had a healthy good run, no tumors, no lipomas nothing. Anyway, back to the seizures. One of my little ones was having seizures every great once in awhile, nothing to really be concerned about at the time, but then they started happening much more often.. Here's one of the things that I did that worked fantastic. Aloe vera plant, the big long leafs, cut the skin off take the gel and put it in their food twice a day, you'll be amazed. In the meantime if they have a seizure, good brand of the CBD oil spray, a couple of sprays in their mouth while having a seizure will most likely stop it within a minute or so. Also like someone else mentioned, ice pack on their back. Hope that this info helped. We love our doggies. Oh, the dog that was having the seizures is a chihuahua. I have three Chihuahuas and one Fila Brasileiro which is a Brazilian Mastiff. Take care everyone

  11. Hi, can i give the belladona to my dog by melting it in water? He weighs about 15lbs i bought a 30c pellet and 200c ones too, dont know how to give it to him and which one. Thanks

  12. So, the flaxseed oil only weighs about 0.33g/ml? 5g/15ml? or, did you mean teaspoon?
    Or, is it 33% flaxseed oil, roughly? as, it is a little less than 0.9g/ml. I think you mean teaspoon, 5ml, as opposed to tablespoon, which is 15 ml

  13. I blow a Bohng Hit up into the Nostrils of my 19 yr old Basset Hound and in 5 Mins he is back wanting to play with the other Dogs.As if Night and Day in 3-5 mins. Sorry Vet Guy I hope you dont get upset with me saying this or anyother watcher. It works and has worked for the last 10yrs Perfectly. No disrespect meant.

  14. My 7 yr old male beagle(Bailey) 50lbs suffers from Seizures,been on Phenobarbital the past 2 year,just this past week I made the transition to CBD oil high dosage . He has had 3-4 seizures one after another,even on CBD oil. I gave him the full dropper dosage to control it,but he still had a seizure this evening. Should I continue the oil, or go back to the phenobarb pills? Bailey dooesn't seem to get 2 weeks without having A seizure episode! Please help.Thanks!

  15. So we found this puppy that's about 6 weeks old on the side of the road. We took him to the vet and he appears to have head trauma. A couple days later he started having these bad mini seizures that only last for seconds but it constantly happens. It costs over $100 for the vet to see him and I honestly don't have it at the moment. If you have any tips that will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

  16. my dog is having problem abt 7 days .n now he isnt drinking nor eating..wht to do doctor and if any medicine to give him to cure but no only painkiller .its make addicted to it , but can only use in last resort. he is 1 n half yrs old..wht to do, i m worried for him..every day its getting worres n worres..wht to do doc for it???… can he survive for later on or ?!!?

    i m lastaly worried n tense

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