1. If you're still looking for a way to quit, but seem to relapse no matter what, you can always give Nemery Thentel's website a shake. Although it's not a one fits all type of solution, you can expect to cut your cravings and minimize withdrawal to increase your chance of success.

  2. Any drug has the potential for abuse. That said, you can drink tea or coffee and develop an addiction. You ever see a "caffeine" addict, every morning, not wanting to deal with anything until they have their first cup of coffee? This addiction is not a life threatening addiction. That said, there are people that use a lot of aspirin, taking it every day, and within a certain length of time, develop bleeding ulcers in the stomach or intestines. With a cannabis addiction, you want it, but it does not cause side effects like chronic nicotine or alcohol use.

  3. I want a person that actually believes weed shouldnt be legal to tell me why so i can understand their side, not a baised source telling me what they think. If i wanted people telling me what other people thought in a baised way, i would watch CNN or Fox

  4. After I saw my brother cooking his brain with no end in the horizon, I went ahead and Googled this site I had been recommended “Nemery Thentel’s Weed Liberator”. Reading every single word, I got a clear understanding and noticed that I was addicted as well, being worried about myself I followed his suggestions and am finally free after a few short weeks. I hope I can convince my brother to do it as well.

  5. I dont know about more mature people in their 30s, but I have seen many negative effects of marijuana on young people (especially 18-25) they make choices which they regret and have really screwed up their lives in the future, which is why I suggest that IF people do want to do these harmful drugs at least wait until they are more mature and their lives are set (yes cigarettes are more dangerous, but marijuana does have negative side effects).

    People use the argument "regulate it like alcohol," the federal government and state governments are spotty at regulating substances and are ineffective in regulation, people complain about the government's ability to regulate, however they advocate for regulation when it suits their needs.  Many people also say that alcohol should be illegal if marijuana is not legalized, this is a valid point however it is easier to keep something illegal, instead of making something illegal.

    Research studies showing the "benefits" of marijuana need to be taken with a grain of salt, liberal universities and groups actively use questionable methodologies in their studies which can bias the results, both pro and against marijuana usage.

    The war on drugs is a failure, because of the types of addicted citizens in the U.S., as such legalizing marijuana will decrease illegal smuggling, however drug dealers and cartels are multifaceted operations and can switch operations to produce other addictive and more dangerous drugs like cocaine, heroin, etc.  This will increase pressure for legalization of more dangerous drugs (which can cause overdose and high levels of addiction) in the future. 

    My beliefs are not popular and attract threats and hatred of druggies, but my advice for young people to keep away from drugs is only beneficial in the end, it keeps people away from addiction and dependency and allows them to start their adult life properly.

  6. I smoke weed once a while (maybe two bags in one day or more) when I smoke weed I feel normal and I play in many sport and Im nice to everyone around me (Im good at school I get high grades) The way I see it… weed is not harmful.. It could help your live or not but mostly everyone see as a crime. Why?? Who knows

  7. See the YouTube video: "Thomas Szasz: The Right to Take Drugs."

    Szasz demonstrates the futility of trying to medicalize the case for or against substances taken primarily for recreational or non-medical purposes. 

  8. And honestly, it doesn't increase rates of cancer. Not one medical institution or university has ever linked Cannabis to a single case of cancer. It's never happened. Quite simply, people that smoke ONLY Cannabis do not get cancer. Several studies have also shown that smoking Cannabis DECREASES the odds of one getting cancer (Donald Tashkin of UCLA, Harvard, and Brown University all conducted such studies).

  9. There simply are no good arguments based on fact and science that support the prohibition of Cannabis. And honestly, it's a fucking crime that people can't use it everywhere for recreational and medicinal purposes. If you're at all educated on this topic, you understand what I'm saying. The arguments against it just get more and more stupid and nonsensical.

  10. I've heard it many times. Usually when a person against the movement speaks, if he doesn't believe that it has value, he'll refer to medicinal marijuana as a "big scam" or something. The douche Michael Savage claims that it relieves pain but that's it. According to him, the cancer fighting properties are a lie.

  11. This lady is making some pretty wide generalizations. I've never heard anyone saying that "marijuana has no medicinal value." However, I have heard the more correct statement "smoked marijuana increases rates of mouth and throat cancers."

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