To CBD Vape or Not to CBD Vape? THAT is the Question!

Healthy Hemp take a look at CBD Vaping. Is it better for bioavailability (absorbtion into the bloodstream)? How does it differ, if at all, to taking CBD via another …

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  1. Excellent informative video. Suffer with hormonal problems (low cortisol, hypothalamus issues, metabolic syndrome, low testosterone (hypopituitarism), low blood sugar) after cancer 15 years ago. Tried CBD before but not really understood it. This video has really helped in knowing the method I will try. I will be trying vape oil and a CBD oil (broad spectrum). I will be trying CBD oil broad spectrum and using vape to top up. Still dont know what my daily intake should be but will start small and work my way up. Never tried the ingestible CBD before but might try organic hemp oil capsules as an alternative to the other two methods. Fed up feeling unwell all the time. Poor sleep and not handling stress well

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