Top Marijuana Stocks To Buy In September? 2 To Watch Right Now

2 Marijuana Stocks For Your Watchlist Right Now

In the last few days of trading, marijuana stocks have started to see an increase in momentum. This has led to some cannabis stocks seeing a higher market position. However, what is missing is consistency one moment cannabis stocks are up and the next they are down. Meaning at one point in time the market in which marijuana stocks perform had more upward consistency. The reason for these last few days of better trading is news about cannabis banking surfaced. The news was that a marijuana banking measure would have particular amendments. – MarijuanaStocks

This news created an uptick in trading throughout the sector. What investors are hoping to see as federal cannabis reform develops further is a longer time frame of cannabis stocks holding better market positions. Yet there is no concrete way to know for sure if and when this will happen. But with the market back down once again people are still buying the dips with anticipation for the future. However, there are some that feel that even with ending cannabis prohibition this current average of the sector is the new norm. This drop in the sector has impacted many shareholders who never thought something like this could happen.

Then you have other investors who were able to foresee this drop. Still, either way, it goes there is still potential in investing in marijuana stocks. Except now the game is slightly different as making a return is taking a bit more time than once before. Nevertheless, the cannabis industry outside of the market is still showing an immense amount of success. This has been the main factor as to why some people are continuing to add top cannabis stock to their portfolios. With this always make sure you do your research before any type of investing is done.

Top Marijuana Stocks For Your 2021 Watchlist

  1. Harvest Health & Recreation Inc. (OTC:HRVSF)
  2. Cansortium Inc. (OTC:CNTMF)

Harvest Health & Recreation Inc.

Harvest Health & Recreation Inc. together with its subsidiaries, cultivates, processes, sells and retails inhalable, ingestible, and topical cannabis products in the United States. In the last week, Harvest Health & Recreation Inc. released some important company updates. The company announced the opening of its 12th Florida dispensary in Jacksonville. In more recent news the company announced another dispensary opening in Kissimmee FL. This makes for the company’s 13th store that is opening.

Words From The Company 9/16/21

“We are pleased to open our thirteenth Harvest location in Florida, one of the fastest growing medical markets in the U.S.” said Chief Executive Officer Steve White. “We look forward to serving patients and providing quality products at this new location in one of our core markets.”

HRVSF Stock Performance And Market Update

In the last 6-8 weeks HRVSF stock has been working to find more upward momentum. The initial start to trading in August HRVSF stock was holding a decent market position. Yet after the 10th of August, the company started to see a drastic drop in trading. Now, this drop lasted essentially the whole month. Yet right at the start of September, a small uptick in trading did occur. But it was short-lived and the company began to dip down once again. However in more recent trading from the 14th of September to the 16th HRVSF stock is moving back up in the market.

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Cansortium Inc.

Cansortium Inc. through its subsidiaries produces and sells medical cannabis in the United States. The company engages in cultivation, processing, retail, and distribution activities. Back on September 16th, the company announced the opening of a new dispensary. This marks the opening of Fluent Fruitland Park, the Company’s 27th retail location in Florida. This is the type of continued progress that many investors like to see. Even with the sector trading at a lower average, a companies success outside of the market is keeping people invested in it.

Words From The CEO

“We are thrilled to begin offering premium-quality cannabis products to the medical marijuana patients in Fruitland Park, as well as its vast and rapidly-growing surrounding communities,” said CEO Robert Beasley. “Fluent is one of only a few dispensaries serving the area and we will have many high-quality products to offer from our recently expanded cultivation projects throughout the state. Looking ahead, we have identified four additional retail locations to be opened in the first half of 2022, which would bring our total Florida footprint to 31 stores.”

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CNTMF Stock Performance And Market Update

Since the start of August CNTMF stock has been on a volatile downtrend. This market volatility has led to a loss in trading momentum which has pushed CNTMF stock down. Outside of some small upticks that CNTMF stock was not able to sustain the company is still working on its path to recovery. From August to currently in September the company is still in the red. Yet with more time left before October investors are keeping an eye out for any upward changes for this marijuana stock.

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