UNM launching program to prepare people to work in the marijuana industry

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – With the Cannabis Regulation Act signed into law, state officials say there’s a lot of potential for new jobs and economic activity. The university is partnering with a group that focuses on cannabis education and creates a curriculum about the industry. A new set of courses will be available this November. 

Back in June personal recreational marijuana use became legal in the state. But the retail sale of cannabis is still months away, in April.

UNM’s continuing education will be offering programs in professional development and personal enrichment. With legal pot sales on the horizon the university is partnering with the company ‘Green Flower’ to bring four new programs to those interested in working in the cannabis industry. 

The company’s CEO Max Simon explains, “There’s a business of cannabis program, a cannabis agriculture, and horticulture program for growing the plants, there’s a medical applications program for more of the medical and wellness side, and there’s a law and policy program for the compliant side.”

There are three eight-week courses in each online program. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate from the university plus networking opportunities. Simon adds, “You get to be added to an employer network which is filled with companies who are hiring candidates just like this.”

New Mexico leaders are expecting the legalization of marijuana to bring in thousands of new jobs within the next year. “According to state officials they’re looking at a 50 million dollar impact into our state’s economy so that’s pretty large in the first year,” says Audrey Arnold, Exec. Dir. for UNM Continuing Education.

University leaders say they are expecting fairly high enrollment, with as many as 100 students in the first cohort. Registration is now open and the cost of each program is about $3,000. The first course starts on November 15th. You can find more information here.  

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