WATCH: Cannatol Rx Cannabis Nasal Spray Stops Childrens’ Seizures Within 20 Seconds

Over the past couple of years, many videos have emerged showing parents administering cannabis oil to stop epileptic seizures in their children.


  1. The big pharmaceutical company's make more money on the chemical cocktails than they thought could ever be made by a plant. It's a control thing. They have pushed pills down patient throats to line their pockets.

  2. Wow, damn shed a few tears on this video man. We need to cure this condition, gather together and make a war on disease, on cancer, on heart problems. Grab all our money for military and unite globally to fund the largest laboratories, housing the brightest among us from all countries with access to any resource that is necessary for the greatest war on disease. This should be our World war 3, our call to arms, the great enemy that unites humanity.

  3. why would pharma companies do that? um… because they deal only in patented products… You cant really patent a natural compound, right? Im wondering how your biz model works without a pattent? as well, you do not state if your product is a full spectrum dirivitive or what its CBC-THC ration is?? what gives??

  4. actually i believe you, but its not actually "undeniable truth"… that means something… Yes, its Anecdotally true probably, but showing it in a video is not "undeniable truth". Only a lab and a repeatably provable test can make something" undeniably true… just sayin.

  5. Sad to see a sceptic parent, and yet the only one suffering is the child, they would rather have the pharmaceutical remedy, instead of all natural, I have given CBD even to my nephews small dog and within a few minutes it was gone, it is an amazing natural remedy for all, I pray she changes her mind soon.

  6. It's not known cause drug companies pay some young lobbyist who enjoys his nights in the Pennsylvania st hotels in DC fucking dumb girls he met in a bar by saying he works at the capital to disprove these meds… cannabis believers need to beat them at their own game….and we need to start with the states that are already legalizing it to put their money together and pay lobbyist

  7. I'm terrified of being super high after the spray is administered. The seizure is traumatizing enough, I have the spray, but i am so scared to have it used on me. Will i be super high??? What do you mean by no side effects. Be honest I NEED TO KNOW i am 23 and 105 pounds. What should i do. Do i use the spray or not!

  8. My son has Ohtahara Syndrome and he has 50+ of these seizures a day. His typically last about 1 minute or longer and has atleast two an hour even worse when he is sick or constipated or irritated. A product like this would be way better than the diastat you speak of! It doesn't work for leonard ): his daily medications are not very effective for him either.

  9. Your a god send!!   and an Angel!  I know this will help millions of humans round the world, they need this and need it now!  I still cannot believe how Government's stop this being made and used in many parts , what's the world coming too!   GREED and MONEY is all I can see.   Bless you for making this wonderful product…….Cherri, Australia

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