Biden is being shut out by his own people.

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  1. If you give a man a fish he will wait around because you will give him another fish. If you give him a rod, some worms and tell him to get off his ass, he will most likely learn how to fish. Instead of Soviet math and geometry, personal finance and economics should be taught. The very little I was taught in school was when we learned about the Great Depression in history. My teacher said when we were on the unit that FDR is given credit for "saving us" in the Great Depression, but that he instead prolonged it. That a free market will always have ups and downs, and if you don't interfere the downs will be short lasting. He didn't explain why, just made the statement. That was the whole of economic education I received in 12 years in a very expensive public school system.

  2. I agree with 90% of everything you state except the part about UBI. UBI can be shown to work everyday in every MMO gamers play. Money is created out of thin air, the economy works, demand is always there, and sinks are put in to combat inflation. Essentially, tax would destroy currency instead of redistribute it.

  3. Delta 8 can cause some mood swings like that! Within mins I'll get super on edge and pissed off if I smoke d8thc idk why it's not always but it happens a lot enough I notice it. Mainly the 2nd day on it I notice it. Thers that.

  4. The fire in a theatre thing isn't good law, it was overturned after the red scare.
    Your overall point is right though, a buisiness has the right to kick people out.

  5. Who told you to calm down? 🤣
    Consider the source…very low IQ…shame it is able to feed itself 😡
    GIVE EM HELL are my soul brother 💪🏼🙌👏👏👏👏👏

  6. While I know you feel you need to diversify your D8 product line, i get that. but i'm not a fan of marketing thc as candy and snacks, should stick with the halo gummy as they are a great product. Good way for D8 end up getting banned when children end up getting ahold of it.

  7. Well, since all movies and other culture are being woke…..i guess me not having a vaks passport aint gonna be a big problem. I wont be missing anything.

  8. ahhhh Burky… 🥺 you turn cursing into an art form but ya got a big ole heart. have you seen the film “Loving, Vincent”? I think you might enjoy it

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