CBD for glowing skin with MS

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  1. Love your videos a lot man. You've really helped me deal with my own chronic illness and understand people living with MS better. Just been curious though. What do you do for a job? I've been suffering with neurological problems and cognitive dysfunction, and despite my conditions I'm trying to become a video game writer. How easy or difficult is it for you to do your job?

  2. Hi Seb I have been watching all you videos and I have found them so informative, really glad your enjoying your garden you definitely seem more relaxed. I wonder if you could do a video about the tremors, when did they start, what parts of your body are affective also muscle spasms, I am finding both these things very difficult to deal with. Does anything help with either of these symptoms perhaps you can let us know. Thank you so much you are so honest and open in your videos which helps us all xx

  3. Same with me i keep forgetting things, i loved working on my car but it looks very demanding to even clean my car.

    I loose my balance sometimes in shower and i keep dropping things i get sooo angry on that.

    Can i import this product into my country?

    Seb, do you take vitamins, if yes, what vitamins do you take please let us know.

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