Chaos descends on Sydney CBD as police clash with lockdown protestors

Chaos has descended on the streets of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as demonstrators clashed with police during protests against COVID lockdowns and …


  1. Did you hear the Vic politician say we live in a democracy? Sure we do. The government needs to find another way to achieve their objective WITHOUT restricting people's freedom to go to work and make a living just as they do. I'm sure if their incomes were cut off they'd work it out pretty fast

  2. when we all know the lefties Have huge events. We also know the med'l PAID lefties call everything covid , We also know if covid would respond to a vaccine It should have been made like the 50s polio vaccine was made in Pittsburgh PA and since it does not The narcissist control freaks need to go make one that works or shut up.

  3. so china esk The Tiananmen Square protests were student-led demonstrations calling for democracy, free speech and a free press in China. They were halted in a bloody crackdown, known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre, by the Chinese government on June 4 and 5, 1989. The lefties will push anything with their PAID scientist in all arenas of life. So sorry to Citizens. just like in the USA..

  4. It's all bullshit these people are not animals they're treating them like animals their own people the covid cases are very low in Australia this should not be happening but of course when you have communist and control this is what happens

  5. Tell Taliban about masks and social distancing let’s see how far you able to push!
    Democracy turns into tyranny, but if it meets another tyranny, “democrats” cowardly run like in Afghanistan!

  6. News MSM brainwashing talking rubbish as usual 99-7% recovery you politicians are the sickest in history you will be going to nurinburg that’s for sure

  7. How proud you should be feeling now first protest and look how far you've come!, … nearly 1000 with covid numerous deaths in every age group and surprise surprise there's so many in hospital who were among all these people, one of many who wasn't tested went in for surgery not honest where he had been … he had covid from the first protest and it spread thru the hospital, he's on a ventilator now
    Pretty hard to turn it around and get freedom now!! It's out of control, so vaccinated people will have freedom a lot sooner than unvaccinated,
    Your protests will do nothing to the vaccinated just a bit of a flu type sickness, so many but not enough have had both shots now, but unvaccinated well let's just say least you can get out of the house for a stay in hospital maybe you might come home maybe not,!

  8. Protest. Go for a walk and wave your signs. Knock yourself out. But don’t be violent. Grow up and act like an adult’s. Those violent people will call the cops for help when they need it, but treat them like this. Pathetic.

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