Full Spectrum vs CBD vs Broad Spectrum: What’s Best?

What’s the difference between CBD isolate and other CBD products? Jeremy breaks down the pros and cons, his CBD lab tests, the value, and more.


  1. Loving your channel. Thank you soooooooo much for this. I don't think you realize how much you are helping people who live with pain and simply want an alternative other than these killer drugs from pharmaceutical companies and Doctors. Your amazing. May GOD continue blessing you with knowledge.

  2. For someone who never tried THC, do you recommend CBD Isolate? Or do you think Full Spectrum would be okay? I’m interested in something that would help lower my anxiety.

  3. I just started this week. Bought 4000mg tincture 10ml vial , Im doing 3-4ml day. Feeling nearly fk all. Looking for bigger volumes at highest concentration. Slight anexity lift. But I'm wanting a lot more for pain ect and fatigue. Broad spec I've got

  4. It all comes down to if the person feels that they get more theurpeutic effects from the entourage effect or not. If you feel good it must be working.
    I still dont know what for example 5% cbd oil is how much cbd you get in a single dropper and how strong it is in mg a bottle. Over here in uk we have legal 0.2% or less of thc but that might increase if the person is taking too much of it in a day.

  5. Thanks for the info and for your service as a firefighter. I'm in law enforcement and I've sustained some major injuries, including a reconstructive surgery. It really pisses me off close-minded departments are about it. I've tried CBD isolate for the chronic pain I have but unfortunately, I don't feel any effects. I'd love to try full spectrum but, of course, it's forbidden 🙃

  6. From the short time I’ve been researching (1 month), I’ve came to the conclusion that full spectrum is #1 period and the only reason to take broad spectrum over full spectrum is if you get drug tested or if you can’t get full spectrum.

  7. hey whats up man, love your videos
    can you please make some tests and videos on cbd e-liquids for vaping, and do a test on one brand specially, it's called Harmony. tnx in advance 😉

  8. I love this guy, everyone looking into cbd should watch these videos first, they're very informative.

    I'm looking into potentially getting Lazarus naturals. I honestly probably wouldn't have heard of them if it wasn't for this guy 😀

  9. Can you order some PatsysHemp Taffy candy from their website or local CBD store and test the taffy I just bought some and doubt they have 25mg of cbd each

  10. The Entourage effect is exactly what I feel like gets me to that feeling of thinking the CBD works most places advertise 25mg but it's actually 5mg and does have a full spectrum or entourage and makes it feel like you're getting what you payed for

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