LINCOLN'S SEIZURES 😢 // FINALLY Seeing the Doctor!!

Continuing to search for answers about what is causing Lincoln’s seizures, Amanda finally got to meet with the neurologist before preparing for a week in …


  1. Having Lincoln and all the other kids,biological or adoption,is really a God's gift to Stephen n you,all good wishes to all of you and may your lives ahead be a blessful and wonderful one….😍😍💋💋🙏🙏

  2. Jude is such a loving and caring brother. How nice to see how he accompany Lincoln in all his needs. Amanda and Stephen are such wonderful parents they love all their children, that's why all their kids are loving and caring.🥰

  3. It's been years.. I still look back to this video to how far Lincky Linc has grown with such a good progress…
    A special note to Amanda, you are such an awesome mummy in the world!

  4. Lincoln looking so adoringly at his mom as she was getting him dressed, just goes to show how much he appreciates and loves her even if he can't verbally express it clearly,he trys and show's how much he loves her and his family and they all share and show him lot's of love, tenderness etc.keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers, you'll have a wonderful family we love you all.🙏🐦💝🐻🙏

  5. Why in the world would anyone thumb down this video!? Makes no sense! I think some people are intimidated by Amanda’s natural beauty. That green eyed monster coming out in some of the females 🤔 possibly? Smh

  6. Hi jude you are such an amazing handsome young man, you are truly a reflection of your parents, and i guarantee you God will reward you. Stay awesome and cool!
    Love you all miller fam.❤

  7. Beautiful family. Lincoln reminds me of my youngest grandson. He is adorable all your children are. I wish I could hug Lincoln so much. Thank you for sharing your family. You are truly blessed.

  8. So nice to see all children squeezed together on the bed. Happy family forever. Good to see Reese, Kiera and Penny the 3 big sisters.

  9. How long this he having a serizuer how long this he been a disabled there are three boys and three girls on your bed the is six he can hold the spoon right he to your husband need to be feeding he still wearing a diaper what size of diapers he wears you have a big faimly something to eat are to drink

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