1. Georgia is left behind and missing out on a big moneymaker for the state thanks to the uninformed lawmakers at the capital' come on and get with the program Georgia! remember 
    Illinois lawmakers passed it'' and on 01/01/2020 law go's in effect.in Illinois and I say ️hell yeah, brother let freedom ring from the east coast to the west coast ️and give us the right to smoke weed' and let me say this I love the thing 🇺🇲️⚾️🏈🌭🍔🍗🥧 and these are some of the things that make American grate and remember over 50% of Americans love to smoke weed lets pass it at a federal level so all of Americans can enjoy it the health benefits of a fat joint or a good old bong hit this is only the right thing to do stop locking up Americans for doing what we the people love to do and that GOD' has given us! it just wrong to make Americans suffer for a little plant that helps so many people.🍊

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