Scientists Have Found Another Benefit For Medical Marijuana

Scientists have just discovered that medical marijuana actually helps by getting rid of cancerous tumors. Which means patients can have less chemotherapy.


  1. marijuana has way more benefits than anything whats the point of it being illegal? it should be legalized, and if so it should be treated like how we treat cigs (that are proven to be more dangerous). like simply enforcing the same laws.

  2. Marijuana hands down saved my life. I have a very severe and rare case of Crohn's disease. It is in my stomach, small intestine, and colon and I couldn't eat or keep weight on. I threw up multiple times a day and was a scant 90 lbs (I'm 5'5"). One day a friend asked if I had ever tried it for the nausea vomiting and lack of appetite I was suffering with and I said no. One hour later I had an appetite and ate actual solid food and kept it down. And that is where my romance with THC began! I was given the synthetic THC Marinol whenever I was hospitalized but it's not used for outpatient care so I was sent home to suffer some more. They eventually put a portacath in my chest to feed me intravenously but that wasn't enough. I still needed help with nutrition and marijuana made what I did eat by mouth much more enjoyable. I probably wouldn't have eaten anything if I didn't have the THC to boost my appetite and suppress the nausea so I could keep food down. Obviously I had to buy it illegally until MN passed the medicinal marijuana program which doesn't sell plant material. It's only available as a vape pen, sublingual spray, or suspension but who cares when your head is in a toilet half the day! There is no cure for my disease but marijuana makes having it not suck so bad lol.

  3. It's sad that so people still can't get over their stuck up, negative views on marijuana.. How long do we have to keep depriving people of safe, effective medical marijuana treatments? We need to acknowledge by not legalizing marijuana we are doing more harm than good.. Yet so many harmful drugs/pills are given without a care & we never hear anything about it…

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