Should You Put CBD Oil in Soap – Live Stream

Should you put CBD oil in your soap? There are four things that you need to consider before adding CBD oil to your handmade products. Watch this video to …


  1. I have the best land in Costa Rica for this industry, whether for sale, to rent or develop projects with you, several of these are located in the blue zone of the planet where the elderly saw in up to 125 years these same lands own the best water and climate in the world according to studies carried out by national geografic in 2005. The laws here legalized cane or cbd a few days ago that is why I am offering these services. I also have interested my neighbors and fellow farmers from other areas. This country can be grown all year round regardless of the season, that is something very important that I almost forgot.The two main airports are close to the same as the two seaports and the Panama Canal we have next to it. In this country it moves by land from the Atlantic to the Pacific in four and a half hours. We have three types of climate. tropical climate characterized, in general, by high temperatures and abundant rains during much of the year.
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  2. Hey… New to the channel and a small business owner making soaps scrubs and butters. I was thinking of adding cbd oil to my products. Clearly I have a lot to look into. Also looking forward to catching a live soap making class..

  3. Hi and thanks for the knowledge! I'm a beginner Candle, Soap, lotion, bath bomb maker! I just ordered CBD oil and was wondering if I should make some of my products from the CBD oil! Thanks to you, I obviously have a lot to learn and a lot to do!!

  4. Your right you need to know what you're getting into when adding CBD oil to your products knowing save you alot in the long run Keep up the soap work nice video ๐Ÿ‘

  5. Listen man……..I just want the knowledge without the antics. You talking to your audience more than you teaching. 6 min's and you ain't told me what these 3 things to consider yet. BUT!!! I am still going to support you because that is what we do, but please consider this for future videos.

  6. This is the first time Ive come across your videos and have become an instant follower. I am new to cbd consumption and would love to make a side business out of it. Soap was just an idea but Im thinking I need to learn how to make soap before perfecting it with cbd. Lol. You addressed many questions I had and some I didnt. Very knowledgeable.

    Your daughter is simply adorable ๐Ÿ’— I cant wait to watch more of your videos.

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