🌿 "Amazing" Health Benefits of Marijuana SCAM ❌

Do you smoke weed and it’s not serving you? Are you sick of being paranoid, anxious, foggy, and living below your potential? Are your health, wealth, …


  1. Personally, I've noticed a trend in the pro-Cannabis community. From the 1930s until around the early 90s, there was a rampant demonization of Cannabis. From the mid 90s forward, that perspective began to slowly shift . We come to a point now where Cannabis is seen in the completely opposite light – it is evangelized.

    I think the truth is somewhere in the middle.

    Edit: I also want to add that the pro-Cannabis community seem to think that Cannabis is a cure for illness, when no legit medical organization has ever said as such. Cannabis can be used medicinally to treat symptoms of certain illness, but it does not cure the illness.

  2. I’m 16 and for about a year now have been smoking weed (about 3.5g/week). At first it was to help me sleep but eventually i started getting high when I was bored or agitated and even in the morning to kick start my day until I was high basically 24/7! Recently I’ve made countless attempts to give up weed so I could study for exams which I have in only a month cos of covid 😖
    I have immense trouble falling asleep and staying asleep but with weed I’d never wake up mid sleep but eventually I started to notice what it was doing to my brain. My short term memory has completely gone to shit and I became incredibly lazy, the thing is though, during the time I have been high pretty much 24/7 I felt great but eventually had to take a step back to see what it had done to my life style. When I’m sober I feel unhappy, anxious all the time (probably exam stress) and can’t stop thinking about being high because it basically became my default state.

  3. Do you smoke weed and it's not serving you? Are you sick of being paranoid, anxious, foggy, and living below your potential? Are your health, wealth, relationships, and happiness not 100% on point? Then this is for you!!

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  4. I never wanted to smoke weed. I only smoked cigarettes and it's been a year and a half since I quit and it feels great. Even with crowds where people would suggest me to try weed I'd always say no.
    They would always talk about how it's harmless and it's good because it helps you relax and also it can help with anxiety and depression.
    I never bought into that.
    I happened to try it once.. And only because I was very drunk… I wouldnt have said yes if I were sober. To be honest I didn't see any effect…the next day was awful as I had to spend it all day in bed because I felt very sick.
    I don't know why everyone is trying to defend smoking pot so much… Everything in excess is bad. Especially if someone is prone to addiction… They should be even more careful around substances. Whether it be weed,alcohol or whatever.

  5. Its hard because my dad does coke and weed and my bf sells coke and weed. I've quit weed and caffeine a few times but always come back because its constantly shoved in my face. Do I really need to leave him and move out to stop?

  6. Trav, what do you think about sexual cravings? Thoughts on NoFap? Is it better to just rub one out and stay focused than spend time and energy chasing women for sex? Any advice on this during the quarantine time?

  7. Spot freaking on Travis! I've smoked since 2000 on and off (and mostly on since about 2010) and every time I've gotten sober for some time my creativity has come back with a vengeance, I hang out with my friends more, and most importantly, I want to do better for myself. When I'm high, I just go through life like "eh whatever, things are fine, it's all good" when really I just don't have the capacity to care much about much. Great video man!!

  8. I think it depends on the person, like I think if you want to smoke weed it’s okay do ya thang. It’s up to you to be a loser, it’s not up to weed to determine who you are it’s up to you.

  9. You rock. Your program has helped me so much! No more weed for me I feel amazing. Sleep is not the best yet but getting there -getting dreams back is awesome. I feel so much better sober I love your videos the most!

  10. I tried finding research on weed and couldn’t find much compared to other herbs. I thought that was strange. I’m happy I was able to finally quiet. I’m less foggy and I’ve finally been able to dream 😬

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