1. Barack: SLIPPERY SLOPE!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? But seriously, your generation needs to realize that these prohibitive laws do way more harm than good, and a bunch of other things…

  2. if i did any over the counter or prescribed pain killer as much as i did pot i would be dead by now. its near harmless. did you know it has only been illegal for 1% of the time people have used it? it was made illegal based on non-scientific "data" from the reefer madness era that based its criminalization campaign on fear, racism, and hate. dont take my word, look it up.

  3. what part of using cannabis makes you idiotic? Theres nothing wrong with getting high, its good for medicine and relaxation. Why is it so hard for people to beleive it can be good for both? Does everything have to go only one way or the other? geesh…

  4. marijuana should be legal, period. More importantly, if the people in a state have an election and vote on the issue, their choice should be respected, certainly over that of Washington appointees.

  5. No difference between marijuana and morphine?

    Let's review Barack. Morphine is an opiate, habit forming, decreases appetite and contributes to wasting complications. I saw my grandmother die because of this.

    Marijuana is non habit forming, increases appetitive, and prevents wasting. Some studies show that it decreases tumor size in certain cancers. Too bad it's illegal. Address that.

  6. eh. An OK response. Kucinich, Gravel and Paul are all pro legalization. And Mr. Obama, what's wrong with someone growing their own weed? It takes the whole middle-man dirtbag crime element out of it. Weed is GOOD not BAD, this country needs to recognize that and there's no better way to recognize that than smoking it! Honestly, to all these people who are against marijuana legalization…Just smoke a joint and then tell me how bad it is. Marijuana is God's gift to humanity.

  7. The Canadian Goverment back un the 70zz had a Royal Commision by Judge Lawrence Ledain,
    This study went on for years, And the final verdict was for the controlled leagleization of marijuana like alcohal and tobbaco,
    Check it out,

  8. In no way has Obama said he would legalise it, certainly not for recreational purposes anyway. And even if marijuana was legalised, the federal gov't would tax the hell out of it.

  9. Must be great to be in Iowa where your vote actually counts for something. Obama did visit relatives here in Hawaii but made no official appearances. Our votes don't count. aloha anyway 🙂

  10. Yeah but it won't help because when election day comes or primaries come they will all be to stoned to remember to go vote for him and even if they do remember they will be to lazy to then.

  11. Yeah but it wasn't about fed vs. state laws it was about would he make it ok to use it for medical reason and if doctors said it would help or be better then he would be open to it and once majority or all doctors agree then he would either take steps to making it fedrally ok country wide or fedrally ok for states to decide thats what he was saying and if you want to know what his answer would be write him a letter or try looking it up on his website

  12. Sorry last thing, i was in an accident when i was 14, used to take pain pills, not prescribed but still i got basically hooked becuase of te pain. i havent taken an asprin or tylenol in 2 years, when i get off work from a manual labor job, i take a couple hits and can sleep just right. i cant afford 150 for a Liscense(robbery) shouldnt have to pay for our rights.

  13. …it wouldnt be for millions of dollars, or anything like that, it would be the absolute legalization of marijuana and i want pack of 20 "Reefer" cigs to be cheaper then tobacco. that would be a B-E-A-utiful day. peace and love once again. Obama please allow these comments sorry about the f word in the first half, you are the reason i registered to vote :). You are here to save us from the CRAP that has been created by our past presidents.

  14. i hate politicians who have done drugs in the past, acknowledge it and then hate on drugs.

    Marijuana should be legal and the war on drugs is a waste of my(taxpayer) money.

  15. Rofl at the two other posters. He's barely open to medical marijuana, he's not going to even think about legalizing it. That and there's only so much the president could do if he wanted to legalize it.

  16. yes! so true! Man, i bet Obama wouldn't let us continue to blow so much money on weed busts and anti-pot ads every year. I could see him giving us sweet legalization before ANY of the other actual contenders (wait for Ron Paul Bot)

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