5 Things You Feel From Taking CBD oil

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  1. I was smoking THC 'joints' all day every day to combat my anxiety and depression along with a severely overactive mind that comes with having Bipolar type 2. I have been smoking for 11 years straight without a days break as I need relief every day as well as using it to stop migraines which I would get 5-10 times some days where I wouldn't leave my bed I was in so much pain and my vision was so badly effected.
    NOW, I have found the beauty of vaping pure CBD distillate with pure Cannabis terpenes from whatever strain I am using and I am blown away that I actually 'feel' complete relief or, dont 'feel' my bipolar debilitating me any more. It's such a beautiful thing to be stress free and anxiety free, no to mention lifting me out of depression and into such a contented way of life now. I am amazed and I can honestly say I prefer it to THC as a medicine, it is far more effective and I cant believe it. I was expecting next to nothing to happen because I was such a heavy smoker, them BOOM, 3 puffs and I was in heaven. Now I can enjoy THC by smoking it recreationally every now and then, and really feel the thc now, where as I had smoked for so long that it felt like I was smoking tobacco most of the time, I just had relief from my disorder, however, my disorder has become ordered with CBD. Everything in this video is bang on and fantastic advice/information. If you are suffering physically or mentally, please give this product a try. Try to get over 90% pure CBD with NO PG/VG and you will have the best effects. This can also be eaten for those who dont want to vape.
    Thank you for the excellent video, I was wondering why I was enjoying CBD more than THC and you hit the nail on the head here. I feel so content that I actually feel good, which was a rarity before finding CBD.

  2. Not really joy, but..joy?
    Really,what does that mean? I've watched for~1min and you kind of come across like you can't calm down or you're giddy. If feeling, or the absence of feeling looks like that , I'm jumping over cbd and in support of thc being legal. Everyone I've seen smoke 'classic' pot is always chilled out,which I imagine is a huge draw. The 'there, but not there' sell is giving me brain agidah(?). Maybe next time.🤞🤞

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