1. I need help I have 4 male guinea pigs and I was wound wrong how big should their cages be and where can I get a cage? Please help help help thank u 🙏 ☺️

  2. Saskia, my twelve year old daughter would love to volunteer at LA Guinea Pig Rescue. We have one male guinea pig, & she has grown up around piggies her whole life. We are local. Please let me know if this is possible, I can be there with her also since she is a minor. Thank you 😊

  3. Thank You Soo much❗💯 I just noticed these were added. I was so worried, because of the mistakes I made but than i sent a third email' correcting an error. I had made.( 43:28 Gabe comes over to record it, and Saskia gets things ready. The poor piggy is in pain😢 Saskia is very gentle and gives it medication and CBD cream to make him feel a little better. Ivermectin is what helps prevent this from happening!💯 ) < You might want to change this timestamp in your video description of this. I promise I will take more time to look them over good and I will make sure they will fit in the video character field. I promise to be more careful and do a better job before sending them in next time❗

  4. Bless Dr.Nenn for not giving up on that baby and taking them on ❤️❤️
    She saw there was some hope, and she wasn’t about to give up on that hope. That’s dedication right there ❤️

  5. Our family loves on 2 male brother guinea pigs and I'm deciding if Ivermectin is necessary for them since they are never in contact with other piggies or in an unclean environment (they are treated like royalty 🙂 )

    What would you suggest?

  6. Hey saskia u may not see me but I really need help I have 2 baby guinea pigs that mum kicked out been feeding them but am trying to work out how to show them to drink on there own do u have any tips for me

  7. I saw a male guinea pig at the exotic store I got my first guinea pig his nails look bad was planning going get him but is best to trim long nails all the way or should I trim them slowly until they get short? I can get some of the styptic powder if needed. I just don't want to hurt him.

  8. The cries of pain from the extreme fungal piggy pierces straight into my heart 😭😭❤️
    I think it would completely shatter me to hear it in person.
    They’re so sweet, pure and innocent, they don’t deserve to be in that much pain and distress 😭❤️ It hurts that we can’t make the pain instantly go away. We can’t help without causing initial pain 🙁 he’s actually going to make me cry the longer I’m hearing him 😭

  9. I'm calling it right now. That guy is NOT going to devote a single ounce of energy to healing that poor piggie. He keeps mentioning his daughter. A kid can't do this type of work requiring so much focus and attention. Listen how he keeps trying to find short cuts to care: couple baths, daughter, sock. This pet's disposable to him. Breaks my heart, but that animal is gonna suffer. You can hear in his voice that he's just not remotely interested in alleviating the suffering. This pisses me off so damn much!! He's probably gonna bitch to his kid the animal isn't worth all the cash for meds and supplies. IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD THE TIME, EMOTION, SPACE AND CASH FOR A PET, DON'T GET A PET!!

    Sorry, my blood is boiling. I'll understand if mods delete.

  10. so sad these helpless little guys with ringworm.. clearly in a lot of pain and so bad they are bleeding..thank goodness Saskia and crew are there to help them. I was hoping the owners would leave them in your care while they heal.

  11. 00:00 The live begins with Saskia, who shows us a pig that she says an X-ray revealed and ever so slight case of bulla. Julia burrito wraps pig and holds it steady. So Saskia can check a tooth growing sideways.
    4:48 Saskia's Wonderful husband and soul mate Gabe 💕 makes a very brief appearance says Hello❗
    11:35 A guinea pig Saskia is doing a health check on bites her but doesn't draw any blood or nothing Saskia give him a bell pepper and resumes health checks.
    16:51 Saskia shows us several folders that have letters they hand out to new customers with information on what the vet recommends and what kinds of foods are good to feed your pig etc,. She than resumes health checks
    20:49 Julia takes the camera to the vet to see what's going on there, but Dr.Nenn is having lunch 🥗with her husband. Julia takes us to a tent and answers questions, and shares some interesting stories
    32:30 Julia shows us a pig that has mange. Saskia comes on to examine him. Saskia explains that this is generally an easy fix. Saskia is really good at fixing mange, bumble foot, bad teeth removing stones, etc The pig is in really good hands❗💯
    38:52 Saskia steps away for a minute to get Julia to film her treating the pig, but Gabe comes over to get ready to record it

    43:28 Gabe comes over to record it, and Saskia gets things ready. The poor piggy is in pain😢 Saskia is very gentle and gives it medication and cbd cream to make him feel a little better ivermectin is what helps prevent this from happening! Saskia says the pig may have advanced ringworm, but she says the pig does not have mites so she will be able to give the piggy a bath and get him feeling a little better.💯🐹
    52:20 Saskia is now able to take the pig to soak in a special solution since he's in pain from advanced ringworm. In the meantime we watch Avery resume health checks
    56:10 Ursula goes to the health check tent where Avery is and starts helping doing health checks
    1:01:25 Ursula takes us over to the vet tent to see if Dr. Nenn is ready to work on the pig with bad teeth. She's working on some other pigs atm though.
    1:03:20 Ursula takes us back to the health check tent to see what Dr. Nenn is doing she said she just radiographed a pigs leg So Ursula takes us right back to the health check tent. ready to work on the pig with bad teeth.

    1:12:04 Saskia talks about the pig with the really bad ringworm staying there as a boarding medical pig, but Ursula says they are too full. So Saskia goes to talk to the customer about them being full. She's going to try and find another place that will take this customers pig in as a medical boarding pig. Than resumes health checks.
    1:24:58 Saskia returns to the camera and confirms that a piggy has lumps near it's lymph nodes and she shows us the best way to look for them
    1:28:15 Saskia feels lumps near the lymph nodes of the other pig that's was with the first one that also had it. Saskia suspects it might be contagious and takes the pig over to Dr.Nenn
    1:31:24 Saskia returns to the health check tent and resumes health checks
    1:35:32 Saskia shows us bumble foot on a piggy she's doing a health check on
    1:47:10 Saskia tells the customers they can feed their guinea pigs unlimited food. The pig is skinny. Saskia has many videos on her channel about food safe for guinea pigs. Than Saskia Says she's digging for Gold doing boar cleaning.🐹🤣
    1:53:33 Saskia tells some customers to come closer so they can watch her scrapping crust off a pig and shows how she does it before she puts antifungal cream on it & than wraps the pig to keep him from scratching. This is the ringworm pig that's sore. Hopefully he'll be all better soon.🐹🌻
    2:10:30 Saskia steps away for just a minute and returns.
    2:13:16 Saskia returns and resumes health checks
    2:18:54 Saskia Removes crust from volunteer Brian's guinea pig it has crusty nipples and she shows us the nipple crust. This is caused by hormonal issues
    2:26:13 Saskia leaves to take a little break while health checks resume with Avery
    2:37:45 Ursula looks at a one day old piggy that was attacked by a cat. She takes the pig to the vet.
    2:41:57 Ursula comes back and informs us that the baby was badly injured by a cat and since it's only a day old the vet is not sure it will survive being sedated to stick his wound back up, so they say the most human thing to do is to euthanize him so he don't suffer.😢🐹
    2:47:14 Saskia returns so Avery tells Saskia about how the pig had to be euthanized.
    2:48:22 Saskia leaves again to check on her chicken. Unfortunately her pet chicken passed.🐔🌈🌻
    2:50:20 Ursula tells us they are going to start wrapping things up
    2:51:55 Ursula takes the camera to the garage so we can see baby pigs. baby cam time❗🐹🐹
    2:55:25 Saskia comes to the garage to tell us that Dr.Nenn is going to take the baby pig home instead of euthanizing it.❗💖 She's going to try to save it.💕Thank You Dr. Nenn for taking this pig under your wings.💯🐹
    2:59:56 Saskia shows us Wombaroo milk powder. It's specially formulated for guinea pigs and helps save their lives. Saskia than takes us over to the vet tent where Dr.Nenn is. We watch the little baby pig that was attacked by a cat. Dr.Nenn is going to try and save him rather than euthanize him.❗💯💕
    3:03:59 Saskia carefully feeds the baby pig some Wombaroo milk
    3:17:03 Saskia talks to Dr.Nenn about her busy day today, and Dr.Nenn tells us what all her day has been like. Very very busy
    3:19:23 Saskia has a little time to talk to us all about Guinea Pig Magazine, she writes articles for them. She tells us about one of her articles from it. She tells us about a heat stroke article she wrote and shows us some pictures from it, her picture being one of them.
    3:25:44 Saskia goes to sit down and do a Q&A with us❗
    3:36:34 Saskia takes us back to Dr.Nenn to see what's going on over there. Dr. Nenn tells us they did the foot on a piggy suspected of having bumble foot. It turns out one of it's toes was broken. Dr. Nenn shows us an X-ray and suggest putting him on pain medication and antibiotics
    3:40:02 Saskia starts resuming health check after eating some fries from The Veggie Grill🍟
    3:42:57 Saskia talks to a customer about taking their pig having crusty nipples and tells them to take it to Dr. Nenn to do an ultrasound as it may have ovarian cyst or something else going on, not just ovarian cyst
    3:52:55 Saskia takes us to Dr. Nenn who is going to take the piggy home and try to nurse it back to health. that was the pig that was going to be euthanized.💖 Than Saskia takes us over to where her goose Weedwacker is. he's making a lot of noise
    3:54:55 Weedwacker is making a lot of noise so Saskia takes us to go see him.
    3:58:13 Saskia tries to give her goose Weedwacker some food, but he's not taking it. Saskia says he don't like the camera. But he starts eating food and complaining at the same time.🤣
    4:01:26 Saskia takes us to the garage to tell us about the kind of pellets they use Alf Alfa pellets, and how she got flat rate shipping boxes to see if she can fit the stuff in the boxes and ship it to those of us who want it.
    4:03:22 Saskia decides to make her Buddha Boy pig Casanova wear a Santa hat and a Christmas scarf. He doesn't seem very happy about this. You owe him some extra treats for this one🤣🐹
    4:10:15 Saskia says Ursula tells her they still got ba lot of work to do so they need to wrap it up. An Saskia starts saying her goodbyes to everyone. Thank You to everyone who participated. Thank You Volunteers, staff and admins for being such amazing hard dedicated workers❗💯 Edit: I made some corrections in these. If you see more errors please let me know. Thanks👍.

  12. I don’t mean to sound rude but omg why wait so long to get these piggies help. They are in pain this was so easy to avoid. Why don’t people educate before taking on these precious babies? Grrrrrr

  13. MOD PSA: Saskia would never put a costume on an unwilling piggy. Nor does she promote forcing piggies to wear tight, restrictive costume. Lastly, Saskia promotes only having the piggy wear a costume just long enough to get a photo and then remove. Mod Karalee

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