Activating Your Consciousness Panel W/ Laura Eisenhower, Neil Gaur, Dan Winter, Elena Danaan & More

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  1. I get in a meditative state by reading a good book sometimes; especially science fiction or fantasy. Everybody is awesome especially Dan Winter. I love the way he explains this subject with science. Laura about made me cry happy tears when she spoke at the halfway point of the video

  2. I have recently picked about 1,000 Liberty Cap mushrooms off the land in Ireland, some from sacred land in Loughcrew. It's natural medicine for these months ahead πŸ™πŸ„βœ¨

  3. Years ago when my son was 2 years old, I was rocking him to sleep when he pointed up to the ceiling, and asked me " who is that ? " I looked ,and there was no one there. After he started to pull my hand, and lead me into the kitchen where I found my tea kettle on the stove burning because the water had boiled out. I was wondering if you might know who he saw, because it seemed like he knew to bring me to the kitching

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