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On this episode of Planet America: America’s murder surge — why homicides are up, but solving them seems to be at an all-time low. And “Racist Roads” – a …


  1. America's Murder Epidemic?! Should anyone be shocked about that when society is so manipulated by the pandemic policies. This may show coverage of what passes as the façade of the US government however it left out what is so obvious, that all politicians seems to be determined to see that America fails, selling out of America on so many fronts. Where does all the money go that is collected from hard working taxpayers over the decades, the lost trillions during the Bush admin and more that our infrastructure has been allowed to become so neglected? No one in America should go hungry or be homeless. You want to bet that this money goes for making everything Covid19 restricted?? California has a decades long drought, when it does rain do they collect the water for human consumption, NO it is allowed to go out to sea where it cannot be recovered. These are issues that can be plainly seen if one takes the time to research. The divide and conquer tactics are so apparent in this report from Australians. Purveyors of Propaganda.

  2. I particularly enjoyed the explanation of red-lining resulting in racist infrastructure designs in the USA. Dr. Joan Fitzgerald is impressive, indeed. Thank you for the presentation!

  3. I didnt hear anything about defunding the police? The democrats are crying out to defund the police yet ABC/planet america doesnt mention this?
    This channel has a left bias….of course it does its the ABC.

  4. I think divorce law and child custody need to be updated. Schools need value of life lessons. We all lost prepaid yearly contributions to many businesses,eg rego, insurances,all while locked down, no one mentions it?

  5. This was without question the most detailed, in-depth, informative and nuanced program about U.S. politics I have ever seen AND IT'S NOT EVEN PRODUCED OR HOSTED BY AMERICANS! It's pathetic that U.S. broadcasting outlets and networks don't even come close to such excellent explanations about specific policy, budget numbers, historical significance of past policy and people and the impact, comparisons and contrast of each as they relate to present day. THIS is the type of information and "reporting" that provides FACTUAL basic and in-depth explanations about so many topics of importance that Americans desperately need to receive! Unfortunately, the fact that this program is so very informative is the same reason most Americans would'nt be interested to watch it if it were emulated by any Amercan outlet, much less presented by "foreigners". In any case, you have at least one new American fan and I thank you for your efforts!

  6. ABC – Thank you for your brief profile of Jeanette Rankin. I'm an American and hadn't heard of her nor her impact. Regardless of partisan view, what a leader.

  7. If we were to look at the tragic increase there has been in America's murder rate and compare it with the still yet increasing DEFUNDING of the Police forces within America's Democrat-run states ..we would begin to understand why it IS that these crime statistics crime are increasing.

  8. Funny how they just shrug off the dossier like 81M votes went to a man in a basement
    Travis Scott's AstroWorld Hell Fest murders 9 sheep and injures 100s & little to nothing
    No one talks about the GF body cams released & all the murders meant nothing
    This channel isn't bias, just ignorant

  9. Is funny, because “racist roads” sounds so ridiculous, but people don’t understand the American society was literally built in a way so as to exclude black people and/ or people of colour.

  10. It's so quaint to see American presidents actually requesting Congress to declare war on behalf of US citizens. Back in the days of the old Republic. Now they wage war with drones by a stroke of a pen and the citizens don't even know it's happening.

  11. Less police equals more crime. Shame the left can't figure it out. Like first grade math. Leftist cities are mismanaged and broke. So they defund the police. Genius it's like a marxist country thinking 🤔

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